The JT Rembert Memorial Run (18 Photos)

By: Pat | April 21, 2015

This unique 3.2 miler helps celebrate the life of JT Rembert, who was #32 for the Marshall Thundering Herd.

Participants lined up at the starting line for the 2nd annual 3.2 for 32. Approximately 200 people have shown support each year for the annual event.

Friends and family travel from Maryland to participate in the event that takes place in the city JT called home for 12 years. The running team "Team Bullet" was formed by friends and family based on a childhood nickname for JT. His head was shaped like a bullet and he ran fast

JT started a scholarship at Marshall University in honor Johnathan Goddard's after he passed away from a motorcycle accident in 2008. JT's family continued the annual scramble to raise the endowment money after he passed away in 2012 and the scholarship was endowed in 2014. The scholarship will be awarded to the first student athlete in the HELP program for the 2015-2016 school year

JT married his high school sweetheart Shannon in 2008.

JT's son Keegan (4) and daughter Kaylen (2) with his wife at the annual release of Chinese Lanterns on the 50-yard line at "The Joan" to celebrate JT's life.

JT was a very giving man and was always willing to go above and beyond. In this much circulated photo (including being shown at the end of the WE ARE...MARSHALL movie) JT shows his helping hand as he assists Byron Leftwich off the football field

JT played linebacker from 2001-2004 for Marshall University after accepting a full scholarship and playing as a true freshman. He said he selected Marshall out of all the scholarship offers because he loved the sense of community in Huntington. After his visit he shared with his family that the fire hydrants were green and the babies came home in Marshall gear. He loved that the community supported the University.

JT passed away in July 2012 his daughter Kaylen was born in October 2012.

JT loved children so all of the events held in honor of him are kid-friendly. They are also developed to fulfill the mission of the JT Rembert Memorial Fund which is to assist in enriching the lives of less fortunate children by providing assistance and opportunities. This photo is of his son, niece, and nephews enjoying themselves at the run.

A 5k run is approximately 3.1 miles. 3.2 for 32 was the theme for the run for a number of reasons, but most importantly because he represents the extra steps or distance JT would go to help others. Two young participants are seen here welcoming runners who ran beyond the finish line of the 5k to the 3.2 mile marker.

JT's wife was a teacher at Spring Hill Elementary before returning to Maryland in 2014. He built a relationship with many of the children and staff of SHES because he would spend time reading to and interacting with the children.

Come be a part of the rare Friday evening event in Ritter Park on May 1, 2015.

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