Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

By: Jim Woolfitt


$50 (courtesy of tristateracer) to the first person to email Pat Riley correctly identifying the song which opens with this blog’s title and correctly identifying the band which recorded that song*.….Just kidding Pat!


If you’re as perceptive as a cross country runner from the year I was an interim high school coach, you’ll soon realize this is my very first blog and not just my first blog to appear on tristateracer, either. This young lady approached me privately right after our first practice and asked in a nice way if she was correct in guessing that I had never coached before. Right she was. Not only had I never coached cross country previously, I had never coached any sport at any level. I had never even been coached either, no little league experience, no junior high or high school sports.


I hope this blog does not become the rage in the tri-state area as a cure for amnesia. Just as I hoped I might inspire that cross country team with my passion for running, I hope you will find this blog to be inspirational.


Assuming Pat does not give me the “sack”, I plan to write blogs by drawing on my experiences as a runner, a race director and a parent of two off and on again runners. I have run over 400 races. I have run both a 10K and a 5 miler each and every year starting in 1982. Starting in 1983 I have managed yearly to run a “short race”, something I define as somewhere between 2.8 miles and a 5K. I ran the Pittsburgh Marathon with my son when he was 27. My daughter ran cross country for 6 years beginning in 7th grade. She made all conference her sophomore year.


One blog I look forward to composing will focus on motivation. Like many of you, I don’t stay highly motivated 365 days a year.


As the summer racing season “heats up” you be sure to stay hydrated. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to get some fluids.


One more tip, which is not original on my part, is to not get caught up comparing yourself to other runners. Even if you finish last in a race & you’re relatively young, chances are you are still better shape than 90% or 95% of all those who are your age & your gender.


My next blog will take its title from a song by “the boss”.


* The title of this blog comes from a song recorded by the Rolling Stones. It appeared on the "Beggars Banquet" album and then on “Get Your Ya’s Ya’s Out”.






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