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By: Jeff Cain

While reading a book sometime seems like sooooo last century, there is a new training guide for obstacle races set to be published this summer.  "Down and Dirty: The Essential Training Guide for Obstacle Races and Mud Runs" was written primarily by Matt B. Davis with contributions from some of the biggest names (and me) in obstacle racing.  Here is just a sample exerpt from the literary masterpiece of a chapter on plyometrics that I wrote. (That was self-deprecation just in case you didn't recognize my sarcasm).

"For the anatomically minded, plyometrics involves rapid switching between concentric (while jumping) and eccentric (while landing) contractions.  Purists will insist that true plyometrics always involves this ‘shock’ method of quick switches between concentric and eccentric contractions of the muscles.  One can jump around without actually doing plyometrics.  Scientific studies have shown that plyometric training has significant positive effects for runners.  Runners who incorporate plyometrics into their routines see greater gains in running efficiency.  Plyometrics has also been shown to increase speed through enhanced eccentric and concentric muscle contractions and by conditioning the central nervous system to respond faster for quick movements.  In addition to the speed and power gains, increased stability is an important safeguard against injuries."

To see a list of contributors, as well as information on how to receive an autographed book plate, visit this page on Obstacle Racing Media.

Finally, visit your friendly neighborhood Amazon web site to pre-order!  

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