'Twas the Night Before the Marathon

By: Rachel Gibson

'Twas the night before the marathon, when all through the place,
Not a creature was stirring, except for the one about to race.
The race bib was assembled and laid out with care,
In hopes that early morning chaos would not tarry us there.

The runner finally nestled all snug in his bed,
With visions of a new PR dancing in his head.
And the spectators with their support and their signs,
Had nothing more than cheering on their minds.

As the alarm sounded there arose such a clatter,
That the runner was up and ready to fix the matter.
The start of the race came about in a flash,
And soon throngs of runners were off with a dash.

The glisten of sweat on each participant's brow,
Gave luster to the work they were displaying now,
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But the runner I knew, so I gave him a cheer!

With a stride so even, so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment this wasn't a trick.
More rapid than eagles he so quickly came,
And I whistled, and shouted, and called him by name:

"You're doing great, keep trudging along!" 
"On, runner, to the end, don't forget to finish strong!"
Then off he was, hoping to avoid "the wall,"
But I knew he would make it, along with the rest of them all.

As I was relocating to a different viewing spot,
I noticed it was getting mighty hot.
Hoping the runners were getting plenty of hydration,
I was relieved to see another aid station.

Knowing they still had miles to go,
I made sure I let them know:
Running is great, even when it's tough--
You're lapping all of us who are still sitting on our duff!

One by one I watched the racers pass,
If I were out there I'd be running outta gas!
They ran and ran, mile by mile,
The sweat was pouring now—it had been quite a while.

Watching them run with a smile on each face,
Made me wish I woulda signed up for this race!
Some were fast and others slow,
Out there running, feet trampling to and fro.

So many runners were giving it their all,
Because racing and running are simply a ball!
At mile 22 everyone was dripping sweat,
I yelled out "4 more miles! You're almost done, there's nothing to fret!"

Then I remembered it's so much easier to stand in awe,
Saying something so cavalier might get me punched in the jaw.
So by the end of the race I stood in quiet wonder,
Of what rock my friend had disappeared under.

Then there he was, at a full sprint!
He saw the finish line; that distance was just a short enough stint.
As he crossed the finish his face was agrin,
I knew he'd done well, a new PR is such a win.

I was excited to see him and all were proud,
“Now when is the next marathon?” He wondered aloud.
Whether runner or spectator, it's so wonderful to say
"Happy Running to all, and to all a good race day!"


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