The Three-Letter Word Every Runner Hears….WHY?

By: Rachel Gibson

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard someone ask a runner “why do you run?”, well, I’d have a lot of money, but let’s face it, that cash wouldn’t get me too far in today’s world.  Perhaps I should advocate an inflation increase for that adage….But current monetary issues aside, it’s a very valid question, and one that I’ve found my answer changing to over the years. 


What do you say to that?  It could range from health benefits to personal goal setting to peer pressure…there are a million reasons people go crazy for this sport!  I started out with the ever popular “to lose weight”, which, when that actually happened shifted slightly to “to stay healthy” and reverted back to “to eat whatever I want.”  Hey, I’m shameless.  But my new reason is too long for non-runners to care about. 


Why do I run, really


Because it makes me happy.  The giddy kind of happy that can only be achieved by setting a goal and reaching it while sprinting, dead tired, over the finish line.  The kind of happy that makes me babble like an idiot when someone asks about any miniscule facet of running.  The kind of happy I’m willing to give up relaxing in front of the TV for.  The kind of happy that make me anxious and excited to hit the “register now” button every time I sign up for a race.  The kind of happy that makes my spouse proud.  The kind of happy that makes me realize that there is no place I’d rather be than out on my familiar daily route at the crack of dawn soaking in every aspect of the day, wide awake and grinning from ear-to-ear while the rest of the world is still asleep.  And if I were to say that to anyone, chances are, their response would simply be “That’s crazy.  You’re crazy.” 


And they’re right, I am crazy.  Crazy happy.



*My daily route.  How could this view make you anything other than happy?*


Of course it’s not always chirping birds in the morning, and some days running is a brutal enemy, but the majority of the time, I really do feel that way. 


What about you?  Does running make you crazy happy or is there another reason you run?  I don’t promise pay you all a nickel for asking this overdone question, but I really do want to know…


WHY do you run?

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