Reasons to Start Running...RIGHT NOW!

By: Kellie McKinney

Whether on a treadmill or in the park, it’s easy to earn those miles. Lace up those running shoes and check out a new place to explore on that next vacation.  

Save some money - no need for expensive gym equipment or memberships - When it comes to running, all you need to get started are the perfect pair of running shoes! Running is one of the best calorie burners out there. Say good bye to the elliptical and lace up those shoes, grab some fresh air and hit the open road!! 

Feeling sluggish? Get an engery boost by going for a run instead. Just one running session can increase energy and chip away at fatigue  Doesn't hurt to get a glimpse of nature to improve mood as well. Take your best friend for a run! When it’s time to hit the pavement, grab a leash to give your four legged running buddy some exercise. 

Stressed? Instead of tuning in to a TV marathon or resorting to poor habits, give running a try. Running truly is a wonderful release and form of therapy.

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by promoting fitness and
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