TSR Runner of the Week-Warren Patterson

By: Kayla Dodd

Congratulations to our runner of the week, Warren Patterson, on being nominated as this week’s featured TriStateRacer runner of the week. “I started running in March of 2015 to train with my daughter who was getting ready to run with her middle school cross country team. I was active in high school athletics but hadn’t run in 20+ years, until this time.” His first race was the South Charleston Chamber of Commerce Wellness 5k in April of 2015. Warren and his daughter ran his first race together! “I ran that race in 27:30 which was only the second time I had run 3.1 miles as an adult.”

He set his current 5k PR just last month, on Thanksgiving, with a great time of 20:45. His current half marathon PR is 1:39, which he set at the Marshall Half Marathon. His current running goals include improving his 5k time to be a sub-20 and completing a half marathon in 1:30. “The 5k goal seems close. I am not so sure about the half but I will absolutely try to get there. I’d really like to get my time for the Charleston Distance Run 15-miler under 2 hours.” He ran the CDR this past September in just over 2 hours. Warren would also like to explore other races in different cities and states! “I have run a few races outside of Charleston and I love the different experiences that they all have!”

In addition to being motivated to run and spend time with his daughter, he initially started running for health benefits and to stay off of cholesterol medications. “Prior to running, I changed my diet a lot and lost 56 pounds. That helped with my health numbers, but I think running was what established the real habits that have allowed me to stay healthy.” Mostly now, Warren runs because he loves to be outside and to push himself both mentally and physically. “I love to push myself to see what I can do.”

Through running, he has been able to make a number of really great friends of all ages and he very much enjoys sharing miles with the good people he has had the opportunity to meet and become friends with. “Maybe I also like to buy new running shoes and I need miles in order to justify buying them!”

People are what Warren finds so cool and interesting at races and while on runs. Seeing the wide range of ages, young to old and those who are running through some type of disability really open his eyes to a new perspective on running. “I think it’s amazing to see people who run no matter the circumstance. I think it is so cool to be re-taught the lesson that I should never judge a book by its cover!”

He has several upcoming races on his running calendar! He plans to run the Charleston Winter Series races that are coming up this December, January and February. He mentioned that he is going to try to work on his sub-20 5k goal! Mostly, this winter he will be preparing for a yet-to-be-determined spring half marathon and the Charleston Distance Run in September 2017. Warren really enjoys the half marathon distance, someday he plans to run the BIG city half marathons, such as New York, Chicago, etc. “Of course, I would like to run any of the World Major Marathons as well: London, Tokyo, Berlin, Boston, Chicago and New York!”

He has two favorite running/motivational quotes: “First you feel like dying. Then you feel reborn” and “It’s supposed to be hard…the hard is what makes it great!”  He regularly runs in New Balance Fresh Foam shoes but has also been running in Saucony ISO Zealots now and he really like them a lot too. His favorite piece of running gear is his GPS running watch. “I love to look at the map and my “numbers” when I get back home. I have my watch set to quarter mile splits (from when I first started running and could only run a quarter mile at a time) and still like to see how hills and terrain change my pace at that level. I never run without my watch.” 

When asked what advice he would give to a beginner runner, he said, “Start slow and keep going. Speed doesn’t matter and distance doesn’t matter, ever really, but especially at first. Run because you want to and don’t try to beat anyone but yourself.” This is wonderful advice for runners at any level, just run and have fun! 

Like many runners, running has given Warren something that focuses his thinking, pretty much across the board. “My sleep, my diet and many decisions I make are based on how it will impact my running.”  Running provides him with constant motivation regardless of what else is going on in his life.  As a result, he is much healthier and has made a great group of friends! Congratulations to Warren on his great accomplishments and outstanding runner achievements! Team TSR wishes him the best of luck with all of his running goals. Do you know someone who should be the TSR Runner of the Week? Comment below or email kayla@tristateracer.com.

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