TSR Runner of the Week-Carol Phipps Haid

By: Kayla Dodd

Congratulations to TriStateRacer’s runner of the week, Carol Phipps Haid. She has been on her running journey continuously since 2009. The Charleston Winter Series and the Charleston Distance Run have both played a big part in her new passion of running. Her first race was the Susan Komen 5k in Charleston, WV in May 2002.

She loves running and all that it has done for her! Her current PR for a 5k is 23:01, Marathon at 3:51, and the Charleston Distance Run (15 miler) at 2:10. Her running goals consist of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Carol said, “Since I have been diagnosed with Lupus, I am thrilled to just be running again! So I have new goals for myself of just enjoying my daily runs, laughing with my running friends, and slowly building back my speed and distance.” She is motivated to run by her fellow running partners and friends, they always challenge her to new goals!

When asked what the coolest and/or weirdest thing that she has seen on a run, she said, “Oh, there have been so many! But my favorite is the 6 AM run with a good friend, and we helped rescue 2 ladies off of a second story porch on the Kanawha Blvd. They were cleaning a business and went onto the porch to smoke and locked themselves out. They had spent the entire night out on the porch. Luckily, my friend had a phone and we were able to call someone for them.”

Carol is currently participating in the Charleston Winter Series races, with one more to go in February! She also hopes to work her way back to a marathon, over the next year. Her friends say that she is a fighter and an inspiration to them!! And last but not least, she will run the Charleston Distance Run (15 miler) in September 2017! A dream race that she would like to participate in, “I have 3! The Eugene Marathon in Eugene, OR - who doesn’t want to run where Pre ran!? The Big Sur Marathon, Big Sur, CA - for the scenery! And of course, the Boston Marathon, Boston, MA - it’s Boston!”

She has several favorite running/motivational quotes that she loves, but her all-time favorite is from her friend (WK Munsey himself), “Run like you’ve got Lupus!” Her best experience from running has been developing lifetime friendships. “They are my heart and soul and I cherish each one of the runners in my life.”

Her favorite brand of running shoes are currently New Balance and her favorite piece of running gear is her Garmin running watch. Her furthest distance to date is a Marathon. When asked what advice she would give to a beginner runner, she said, “Be patient. We all have good and bad days. Running is Hard. But the reward is so much more.”

Running has been instrumental in Carol’s life. She has had some ups and downs with her health conditions but she has not let that get in her way of running! Running has benefitted and changed her life in so many ways. “Running has given me so many things in my life. It has challenged me, it have given me my best friends, it has given me a release, it has shown me cities and countryside, and so much more.” Congratulations to Carol on all of her running accomplishments, Team TSR wishes her the best of luck on all of her future running goals! 

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