TSR Runner of the Week-Darrell Legg

By: Kayla Dodd

I would like to introduce you to this week’s TSR Runner of the Week, Darrell Legg! He was nominated by last weeks featured runner of the week, Asha Bora!! Darrell has been on his running journey for 1½ years now. Although he ran his first 5k in October of 2010, he completed the race but did not pick running back up until late 2015. “I was so disappointed with my first 5k in October of 2010, that I was not able to run the race in its entirety, I ended up walking about half of the race and then I never tried running again until 2015.” His first 5k was the Marshall Alum Run 5k in Huntington in 2010, and he completed the race in 45 minutes. He then ran the Marshall Alum Run 5k this past October (10/15/2016) with an awesome time (AND HIS CURRENT 5K PR) of 28:55. His current 10k PR is 1:04:34, which he earned this past October at the Mission Education 10k in Ceredo.

His current running goal is to continue his current race running streak of running 12 races in 2017! One of his races on the calendar for this year is the MU Half Marathon. Darrell is motivated to run to help maintain his good health. “When I resumed running in 2015, I was overweight and borderline diabetic. I had a visit with my cardiologist and she advised me that I needed to lose 10 pounds to avoid being put on medication for diabetes. I had read an article that said running was the best way to achieve cardiac health and lose weight, so I decided to give it a try. I so enjoyed the experience that I kept it up. Soon, the 13 minute miles became 11 minute miles and they became 10 minute miles. So I have nowhere to go but faster!” However, he is also motivated to continually improve with his running and always keep pushing himself. “When I accomplish even a 10 second decrease in time, I am happy with the result! I use each event as a benchmark and try to identify what increases or decreases my speed.”

When asked what was the coolest and/or weirdest things he has seen or experienced on a run, he said, “The coolest/weirdest thing I have seen while running occurred just a few weeks ago. I was running in Ritter Park from the park to the Memorial Arch, when I saw something I thought was truly amazing. I saw a small fairy garden next to a tree near the 5th St.  Bridge underpass. I actually stopped to explore this little treasure. The detail of the fairy garden was very nice. I could tell someone put a lot of thought into its design & execution.” He also has another cool experience, “Another weird & interesting event was when I was going to run the Vets to Homes 5K in early April last year. The days before the race, the weather was great! But when I woke up the morning of the race there was more than an inch of snow on the ground! I was committed to the event and ended up running my second SLOWEST time ever (37 minutes).  But I was first in my age group and got my first medal!” Hard work and dedication will always get you to the finish line!

He is currently completing the Barboursville Winter Series races, with the last race being a 5 miler in February. “Beyond that, I am working toward gaining distance & endurance for the MU Half Marathon in November.” His dream race that he would want to participate in is the Bay to Breakers in San Francisco. 

His favorite running saying/thought is “Last thought before a race: Why am I doing this? First thought after a race: When can I do this again?” This is absolutely perfect and I wonder this myself, every time I run a race too!!

When asked what has been your best experience from running he said, “My best experience from running has been a change in the way I view the world. I look for the goals in life, not the obstacles. Only seeing the obstacles lead to failure, focusing on the goals leads to success. When I am out and about I look at a place and wonder, ‘what would it be like to run here?’ ‘where is the best path?’ Another good experience was the camaraderie that I have experienced in my runs.  There is always a number of people who either give me a thumbs up or a peace sign or a high five as I pass them going towards a turning point! This lets me know we are all together!”

His favorite brand of running shoes are the Mizuno Wave Inspire and the Merrell All-Out Charge. His favorite pieces of running gear are his ear buds and iPhone. “Gotta have my music!”

When asked what advice he would give to a beginner runner he said, “Despite any misgivings you may have around the first 10 minutes of a run, remember what you are doing, you only have yourself to beat! No matter where you place, the race is against your own self-doubt. If you persevere, you WILL win!!”

Running has been instrumental to Darrell during his continuous running journey. Not only has it benefited his health, he has met some interesting people in his various runs. “As such, I have benefitted from watching their technique and listening to how they train and prepare for each event. I have personally benefitted with better health!” He also has three granddaughters who are his inspiration. “I want to be around when they graduate from college and get married and have their own families. Through running, I am more than likely to achieve that goal!” Congratulations to Darrell on his running goals and all of his accomplishments, Team TSR will see you at the finish line! 

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