TSR Runner of the Week-Scott Davis

By: Kayla Dodd

Congratulations to TSR Runner of the Week Scott Davis! He really started getting into running seriously, 3 years ago and is loving it! His first race was the Rush Run 5K in Morgantown WV. He said, “One small step for man; one giant leap for Scott.”

When asked what motivates him to run he said, “I run to maintain/improve my health and because it is a great way to spend an evening or a Saturday morning. It allows me to keep life in better perspective. I love the race-day atmosphere and experience. I love the pre-race jitters and the post-race exhaustion.” He has several running goals for himself: Run a half-marathon in 2:15:00, run a marathon in 5:35:00, run in a 50-mile race and to run a marathon with one of his future grandchildren!

One of the coolest and neatest experiences for him on a run is when he gets to enjoy nature and the wildlife. He said, “The coolest thing is seeing wildlife (bald eagles, deer, squirrels, birds) and historical structures. You see your surroundings differently when walking or running than you do in a car.” Now for the weirdest, “The weirdest thing was seeing a women drop her shorts and go #2 in a ditch 15 feet away from 50 runners and the start line 2 minutes before the start of the race and then proceed to run a half-marathon without a single wipe (sorry, but it is true).”

Scott said this about his goals for future races, “My focus is probably on the Marshall Half Marathon in November but it is generally on whatever race is coming up the next weekend.” He has goals to run the Marshall Marathon this year and set a new PR for himself!!

His dream race is Boston, but he would also love to run the Marine Corp Marathon next year and maybe the New York Marathon someday in the future. His favorite running/motivational quote is: “Movement is Medicine”.

When asked his best experience from running, Scott said, “Running a marathon has a tremendous impact on you physically, but I think it has a greater and longer-lasting effect on you mentally and emotionally. When you pair it with a good cause, it is even better. I raised some money last year for the Foundation for Physical Therapy as part of my Pittsburgh Marathon run. That was a win-win. Running makes everyday challenges seem small and trivial and helps you put things into perspective. It might build character but it certainly reveals character.”

Regarding running shoes, Scott does not have a main preference. He said he has tried all the major brands and he is not too picky. “Like most people, I like a light running shoe with a sock-like upper and plenty of cushioning. I have a pair of Saucony Freedom Iso that I really like.” His favorite piece of running gear is a Headsweats dew rag. He said this is an absolute must for him for anything longer than a 5k. “I sweat profusely and it is an essential part of my running gear. I recently ran a race and somehow left it at home in my 4 AM dash to hit the road!” To date, he has ran 4 marathons: Marshall Marathon twice, Morgantown Marathon and the Pittsburgh Marathon.

His advice to a beginner runner is, “Before you start running, walk regularly for 6 months. Your body will one day beg you to run and that is when you know you are ready. Then increase your mileage using the 10% rule. Increase your mileage at a maximum 10% per week. Your heart and lungs will adapt much faster but your musculoskeletal system often will NOT. The second piece of advice is to respect the need for rest.”

Running has had a huge impact on Scott’s life. It has changed him in so many ways! “Running was an essential part of my health transformation. I lost 150 pounds, improved my blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, sleep apnea, mental focus and stamina for life through running and other life changes. Running has become an integral part of my life. It has probably added to the quantity of my life but it has certainly added to the quality of my life.”  

Congratulations to Scott on all of his awesome running achievements! He has definitely set goals for himself and crushed them. Team TSR will see you at the finish line. 

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