TSR Runner of the Week-Alvin Bailey

By: Kayla Dodd

Congratulations to TSR Runner of the Week Alvin Bailey! He has been running journey for nearly 50 years total now, but his running started out with training for different sports such as boxing, baseball, football and basketball. He got into running races a few years back. His first race was on August 30, 2015 at the Kingsbrook Lifecare Center's Rally for the Relay for (fighting Cancer)!!

Alvin’s current 5k PR is 22:31! He has goals to continue running through the years and as he gets older. He loves running and all of the people he gets to meet and see at races! He was motivated to run his first race, which was in support of cancer survivors, because he had just buried a loved one who passed away from cancer and a fellow classmate had just been diagnosed so he wanted to show support to those affected by cancer. Alvin said that he needed something that made him feel like he was making a difference. He is very appreciative of the Osuch Race Planning crew (Alan Osuch & Pamela Wolfe) for providing him with all of these awesome races to run!

Some of his best experiences & memories from running are the pictures of his running friends in costumes and making faces and getting caught at unexpected times laughing and eating and enjoying himself with others at races. He especially enjoys seeing his running friends Tammy Estep Black & Victoria Knipp at races.

He is currently preparing for the Mattie Conley Memorial 5k on September 23. Alvin said that a dream race for him would be one where he could cross the finish line and someone would announce that there was a cure for cancer! 

His favorite motivational/running quote is "Don't give up...Don't ever give up” -Jim Valvano. Alvin said, “There are two things that touched my heart at races: "I saw Neil Johnson this year running what could have easily been a new PR for him and he stopped at about 2 miles, to reach down and carry an injured runner home & when Chris Shonuf Long built these beautiful, magnificent wooden pieces to give away for these charity races!! This is the family of people who make up our racing community!!!”

The item that he cannot run without is a scripture he reads from the Bible: "I shall run and not be weary and I shall walk and not faint." The furthest he has ran was 14 miles one time and he has also done a few 11 milers, but he said that the blisters did him in!!

Alvin’s advice to a beginner runner is to never quit…even if you are walking, just get out there and enjoy the journey! Congrats to Alvin on all of his running accomplishments. He said that the health benefits of running are forever, but it is the friendships and the new family that he has acquired that he wouldn't trade for the world, and this is all because running is part of his life!! Team TSR will see you at the finish line. 

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