Ride and Dine Entry List

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First Name Last Name Age Gender Event Team
Danielle Armstrong 31 F 5K Run
Jazmin Arnett 23 F 5K Run
tyler bowles 22 M 5K Run
Alvin Bramblette 49 M 10K Run
Reece Brown 31 M Duathlon
George Browning 63 M 5K Run
Patrick Burnett 46 M 5K Run
Brittany Cline 29 F 10K Run
Adam Dorning 34 M 10K Bike
Grady Fannin 15 M 5K Run
Christopher Fannin 42 M 10K Run
Rylee Fee 16 F Duathlon
Tim Glockner 42 M Duathlon
Monica Glockner 40 F 5K Run
Alex Glockner 16 F 5K Run
Michael Glockner 36 M 5K Run
Lisa Johnson 51 F 10K Run
Amanda Knight 36 F 10K Run
Alex Link 24 F 5K Run
Zach Link 27 M 5K Run
Drew Mader 33 M 10K Bike
Brittain Morgan 32 F 5K Run
Lori Morrow 45 F 5K Run
Jacob Nichols 18 M 5K Run
Mary Purdy 50 F 5K Run
Robert Purdy 60 M 5K Run
Shane Rhea 45 M 5K Run
Juice Schmidt 39 M 5K Run
Matt Setters 35 M 5K Run
Suarra Sparks 48 F 5K Run
Kara Sparks 18 F 5K Run
Jeremy Stephens 38 M 5K Run
Chad Thompson 40 M Duathlon
Keri Thompson 40 F 5K Run
Landon Thompson 15 M 5K Run
Lleyton Thompson 15 M 5K Run
Halle Thompson 10 F 5K Run

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