Boone Memorial Healthy Lifestyle Program Entry List

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First Name Last Name Age Gender Event Team
Lisa Brown 52 F 5K
Brandon Ash 22 M 5K
Ben Barnes 4 M 5K
Matthew Barnes 34 M 5K
Thomas Bias 67 M 5K
Mary Boggess 19 F 5K
Sydney Brown 18 F 5K
Selena Brown 43 F 5K
Melanie Burchell 44 F 5K
David Castle 50 M 5K
Terri Castle 50 F 5K
Lewis Collins 78 M 5K
Norma Collins 78 F 5K
Johnnie Cook 36 F 5K
Malinda Cook 42 F 5K
Olivia Cook 13 F 5K
Robert Cooper II 31 M 5K
Alana Crede 50 F 5K
Ron Crede 62 M 5K
Ruby Crede 60 F 5K
Kathy DeHart 55 F 5K
Matt Downey 35 M 5K
Margie Drinkard 61 F 5K
Kristin Ferguson 30 F 5K
Mike Frankhauser 75 M 5K
Missy Green 47 F 5K
Brittany Green 23 F 5K
David Gresham 62 M 5K
Carolyn Halstead 53 F 5K
Whitney Hatcher 31 F 5K
Brandi Hayes 30 F 5K
Kathleen Howard 13 F 5K
Mary Jarrell 49 F 5K
Elwanda Johnson 63 F 5K
Christine Justice 43 F 5K
Wes Lafferty 36 M 5K
Liam Lafferty 5 M 5K
Missy Lafferty 43 F 5K
Cindy Linville 43 F 5K
Mark Linville 57 M 5K
Ty McClung 15 M 5K
Paige Miller 21 F 5K
Allison Miller 19 F 5K
Danny Miller 38 M 5K
Amber Mitchell 44 F 5K
Rob Nelson 52 M 5K
Claudia Nelson 20 F 5K
Ray Peters 62 M 5K
Karlie Belle Price 42 F 5K

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by promoting fitness and
raising millions for charity.

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