3rd Annual AARF Stride for Strays Entry List

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First Name Last Name Age Gender Event Team
Jenna Adkins 14 F 2K
Madison Aliff 14 F 2K
Kim Bailey 53 F 2K
Heidi Barnes 28 F 5K Run Walk
Bryce Barnes 29 M 5K Run Walk
Riley Brillhart 11 F 2K
Mark Brown 59 M 2K
Ginger Brown 59 F 2K
Samantha Bullen 32 F 5K Run Walk
Raegan Carter 12 F 2K
Arissa Cartmel 13 F 2K
Drake Caudill 12 M 2K
Todd Caudill 51 M 2K
Ava Daniel 12 F 2K
CK Fannin 10 M 2K
Laney Fannin 13 F 2K
Lexie Fannin 14 F 2K
Corbin Fitzpatrick 44 M 2K
Brynn Fitzpatrick 42 F 5K Run Walk
Cavin Fitzpatrick 13 M 5K Run Walk
Aubrey Foster 12 F 2K
Jack Grifith 13 M 5K Run Walk
Myla Hamilton 12 F 2K
Aubree Hay 13 F 5K Run Walk
Dirk Hay 45 M 2K
Steve Hicks 45 M 2K
Cathy Hicks 46 F 2K
Sam Hicks 13 M 2K
Sarah Hicks 11 F 2K
Molly Hicks 7 F 2K
Stephanie Hunter 37 F 5K Run Walk
Faith Hunter 15 F 5K Run Walk
Troy Hunter 12 M 2K
David Irvine 53 M 2K
Hannah Irvine 22 F 2K
Michael Johnston 48 M 5K Run Walk
Shana Johnston 45 F 5K Run Walk
Brady Johnston 12 M 5K Run Walk
Mandeep Kaur 13 M 2K
Alaina Lucas 13 F 2K
Amelia Lucas 15 F 2K
Alex Molen 25 M 2K
Abby Prichard 12 F 2K
Audrey Pulliam 11 F 5K Run Walk
Ryan Runyon 13 M 2K
Laura Beth Stanfield 13 F 2K
Amy Stewart 45 F 2K
Gavin Stutler 13 M 2K
Andi Sword 50 F 5K Run Walk
Indira Tandi 40 F 2K

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