Run Run Rudolph Entry List

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First Name Last Name Age Gender Event Team
Kevin Adkins 37
Danielle Adkins 36
Micah Adkins 14
Tobey Adkins 9
Pam Akers 43
Ben Allan 36
Liam Allan 9
Eliza Allan 7
Cynthia Allan 36
Joyce Allan 60
Doug Allan 63
Cristah Artrip 18
Penny Backley 38 Run Run Rudolph 5K
Chase Basham 13
Kevin Basham 44
Ashley Beever 29 Run Run Rudolph 5K
Emma Belford 11 Run Run Rudolph 5K
Laura Bishop 27 Run Run Rudolph 5K
Kim Boggs 48
Evan Boggs 8
Dru Bora 45
Daniel Botello 30
Elizabeth Brown 30 Run Run Rudolph 5K
Graceie Brumfield 13
Eden Bumgardner 12
Dale Callicoat 40 Run Run Rudolph 5K
Melissa Callicoat 40 Run Run Rudolph 5K
Sarah Carlton 19 Run Run Rudolph 5K
Joyce Cleveland 71
Sarah Cole 26
Keith Cole 30
Angie Colenda 32
Britt Colenda 35
Jada Colenda 6
Jennah Colenda 5
Kara Conkle 19
Kimberly Cook 40
Theodore Cook 13
Bryce Day 14
Jennifer Dickerson 37
Tracy Eddy 34 Run Run Rudolph 5K
Shelby Edmonds 17 Run Run Rudolph 5K
Abigail Eplin 12
Kathy Eplion 55
Melissa Evans 33 Run Run Rudolph 5K
Phillip Ferguson 9
Julie Ferguson 12
Renee, Ferguson 42
Ernest Ferguson 60 Run Run Rudolph 5K
Caden Fisher 7

Our goal is to help our community
by promoting fitness and
raising millions for charity.

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