Beelieving in a Cure for NKH 5k Walk/Run Entry List

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First Name Last Name Age Gender Event Team
Heather Barnoski 27 F 5k
Danielle Bender 34 F 5k
Debbie Biddle 58 F 5k
Kendra Boggs 23 F 5k
Alvin Bramblette 48 M 5k
Alisha Brewer 32 F 5k
Charles Brewer 39 M 5k
Nikki Chandler 49 F 5k
Nancy Clausen 63 F 5k
Ashley Coates 24 F 5k
Rick Compan 32 M 5k
Debbie Crabb 58 F 5k Peebles CCCU
Jim Crase 55 M 5k
Briana Cummings 12 F 5k
Katie Davis 27 F 5k
Charlotte DeAtley 59 F 5k Wyatts Workers
Erin Edminsten 23 F 5k
Michelle Elkins 28 F 5k
Kyle Elkins 30 M 5k
Kelsie Fannin 26 F 5k
Denise Fauber 35 F 5k Merchants National Bank
Gracie Fields 8 F 5k Peebles CCCU
Mary Fields 48 F 5k Peebles CCCU
Chester Fields 76 M 5k Peebles CCCU
Ashlyn Fitzgerald 6 F 5k
Betty Frost 65 F 5k Peebles CCCU
Daria Frost 42 F 5k Merchants National Bank
Kayly Frost 20 M 5k Merchants National Bank
Linda Gardner 63 F 5k
Gary Gardner 63 M 5k
Mary Geeslin 19 F 5k
Lizzie Gill 13 F 5k Wyatts Workers
Michael Gill 16 M 5k Wyatts Workers
Stephanie Gill 44 F 5k Wyatts Workers
Greg Gill 56 M 5k Wyatts Workers
Lindsey Hedge 29 M 5k
Diana Hipple 19 F 5k
Scott LeMaster 32 M 5k
Missy LeMaster 29 F 5k
Jaime Lyle 38 F 5k
Donna Magginis 48 F 5k Merchants National Bank
Kathy McChesney 58 F 5k
Mary Mundy-Jones 56 F 5k
Nolan Newman 16 M 5k
Kim Oliver 60 F 5k
Jennifer Perdue 35 F 5k
Emma Perdue 10 F 5k
Brenda Perdue 60 F 5k
Sarah Pruitt 35 F 5k
Jennifer Sheeley 39 F 5k Peebles CCCU

Our goal is to help our community
by promoting fitness and
raising millions for charity.

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