Roundtown Classic Entry List

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First Name Last Name Age Gender Event Team
Laura Adams 40 F 5 Mile
Ray Anderson 53 5 Mile
Brenda Anderson 50 F 5K
BEN ANKROM 27 M 5K Tootle, Palmer and Ankrom Dentistry
Keira Ankrom 28 F 5K Tootle, Palmer and Ankrom Dentistry
Dan Arnold 58 M 5K
Thomas Astley 61 M 5K Glass Pumpkins
Bill Ayer 65 M 5K Elsea Inc.
Rebecca Bishop 54 F 5K
Bibiana Bishop 41 F 5K
Tyler Brady 24 M 5K Elsea Inc.
John Buch 64 M 5 Mile
Lainey Bulmer 22 F 5 Mile
Phil Burns 22 M 5K Elsea Inc.
Brooklynn Burris 21 M 5K
Autumn Burris 18 F 5K
Kevin Burris 41 M 5K Team Burris
Kathy Burris 59 F 5K
Eric Burris 26 M 5K
Christina Cheek 45 F 5K Elsea Inc.
Joe Cheek, Jr. 38 M 5K Elsea Inc.
Kevin Coen 42 M 5K Elsea Inc.
Michael Conner 54 M 5 Mile
Monna Conrad 75 5K
Shane Cox 42 M 5K
Nathan Cox 20 M 5K
Tonya Criser 38 F 5 Mile
Kelly Daughters 36 F 5K Tootle, Palmer and Ankrom Dentistry
Tomi Dorris 60 F 5K Glass Pumpkins
Carmen Dorris 64 F 5K Glass Pumpkins
Erin Dorris-Astley 27 F 5K Glass Pumpkins
Jason Dougherty 29 M 5K Glass Pumpkins
Rebecca Duncan 35 F 5K Elsea Inc.
Ace Elsea 76 M 5 Mile
Jay Elsea 55 M 5K Elsea Inc.
Amy Elsea 51 F 5K Elsea Inc.
Mary Elsea 78 F 5K Elsea Inc.
Kaiya Elsea 14 F 5K Elsea Inc.
Braya Elsea 18 F 5K Elsea Inc.
Jandel England 48 F 5K Glass Pumpkins
Philip England 49 M 5K Glass Pumpkins
Alaina England 3 F 5K Glass Pumpkins
Dawn Engle 58 F 5K Elsea Inc.
Lecia Engle 43 F 5K Tootle, Palmer and Ankrom Dentistry
Todd Engle 48 M 5K Tootle, Palmer and Ankrom Dentistry
Cynthia Erwin 52 F 5K Elsea Inc.
Jeff Faulkner 70 M 5K
Sheryl Forte 67 Fl 5K
Joe Forte 67 5K
karen fraley 54 F 5K

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