Huntington Board of Realtors Presents the 2nd Annual Tower Hill Challenge Obstacle Course Race Entry List

Click on the team name for any individual to see a complete list of team members.
If you see a need to change anything, please Contact Us.

First Name Last Name Age Gender Event Team
Jacob Ashworth 16 M Adult
Michael Ashworth 21 M Adult
Valerie Bailey 32 F Adult
Jacob Bailey 32 M Adult
Melissa Baker 37 F Adult
Marcella Bisesi 26 F Adult
Katherine Burgess 23 F Adult I Can’t Believe I Paid for This
Brittni Carmack 23 F Adult
Chris Carter 48 M Adult
Shannon Cooper 34 F Adult
Jessica Copley 29 F Adult
Gabriel Copley 30 M Adult
Holly Davis 49 F Adult
Anna Davis 32 F Adult
Chris Edmonds 34 M Adult
Michelle Eplion 41 F Adult
Ryan Faulkner 33 M Adult
Shelly Finley 45 F Adult
Holly Finney 31 F Adult 1DOS
kourtney funk 44 M Adult
Toshia Graves 27 F Adult
Teel Hartmann 23 F Adult
Barbara Holbrook 35 F Adult
Adam Jackson 28 M Adult I Can’t Believe I Paid for This
Brett Jividen 12 M Children 12 and Under
Sean Keeton 12 M Children 12 and Under
Landon Keeton 13 M Children 12 and Under
Jay Key 51 M Adult I Can’t Believe I Paid for This
Sarah Langdon 34 F Adult
Shawn Lanham 38 M Adult
Steve Lewis 50 M Adult
Holly Lewis 34 F Adult
Seka Lewis-Gregor 37 F Adult
Michael Maddox 0 M Adult
LeghAnn Maddox 0 F Adult
Amanda Moore 40 F Adult 1DOS
Chad Moore 17 M Adult 1DOS
David Owens 58 M Adult
Marissa Owens 14 F Adult
Kem Pasley 35 F Adult
Erin Paxton 37 F Adult
Larry Perkins 55 M Adult
Pam Perkins 0 F Adult
Deborah Redd 45 F Adult
Jacob Sellers 33 M Adult
Virginia Sellers 30 F Adult
Chance Sheets 32 M Adult I Can’t Believe I Paid for This
Vola Shepard 22 F Adult
Shane Slash 26 F Adult

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