Run For Your LIFE 5K/10K Entry List

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First Name Last Name Age Gender Event Team
Lauren Allen 24 F 5k Run
Hailee Barbarits 22 F 10k Run
Jennifer Barbarits 40 F 5k Run
Barbara Bayes 59 F 10k Run
Grace Bennett 13 F 5k Run
Sarah Betten 36 F 10k Run
Adam Betten 37 M 5k Run
Jenni Bradshaw 37 F 5k Run
Angie Brooks 47 F 5k Run
Briana Brown 26 F 5k Run
Reece Brown 31 M 10k Run
Marissa Campbell 17 F 5k Run
Jordan Click 34 F 5k Run
Reid Click 10 M 5k Run
John Coburn 67 M 10k Run
Amy Collier 47 F 5k Run
Michael Coriell 33 M 10k Run
Zach DeCamp 20 M 5k Run
Baley Derifield 18 M 10k Run
McKenna Dunham 14 F 5k Run
Kelly Emnett 50 F 5k Run
Laurel Fitch 59 F 5k Run
Matt Fitch 35 M 10k Run
David Fitch Jr. 31 M 5k Run
David Fitch Sr. 65 M 5k Run
Steve Fitzer 67 M 5k Run
Calvin Gerard 17 M 5k Run
john gillespie 62 M 10k Bike
CLARK GOBLE 48 M Duathlon
Brenda Hale 67 F 5k Run
Lindsey Hamilton 40 F 5k Run
Ginger Harr 48 F 10k Run
Cindi Hay 29 F 5k Run
Marisa Howard 15 F 5k Run
Nicole Johnson 43 F 10k Run
April Johnson 42 F 10k Run
Tara Knisley 48 F 10k Run
Sarah Lemaster 17 F 5k Run
Michael Longmire 41 M 10k Run
David Maynard 61 M 10k Run
Mike Mershon 62 M 5k Run
Peter J Mingus 51 M 5k Run
Corey Morris 48 F 5k Run
Tom Peach 66 M 5k Run
Mary Peach 62 F 5k Run
J.R. Phillips 53 M 5k Run
Kyle Porter 36 M 10k Run
Nancy Prose 37 F 5k Run
Aaron Prose 38 M 5k Run

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by promoting fitness and
raising millions for charity.

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