AMB Fox Trot Entry List

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First Name Last Name Age Gender Event Team
Kimberly Adams 43 F 5K Run
Jafar Albaaj 23 M 5K Run
Brianna Allison 31 F 1 Mile Walk
Cindy Baker 61 F 5K Run
Marcey Bird 57 F 1 Mile Walk
Alison Bird 16 F 1 Mile Walk
Isabella Bird 12 F 1 Mile Walk
Tracy Bitonte 49 F 5K Run
Olivia Bitonte 17 F 5K Run
Terri Blair 66 F 5K Run
Samantha Bohlen 31 F 1 Mile Walk
Avery Bohlen 6 F Kit Dash
Kinsley Bohlen 4 F Kit Dash
Sonia Booker 57 F 1 Mile Walk
Chandler Brining 14 M 5K Run
Brooklyn x Brining 17 F 1 Mile Walk
Debbie Bryant 54 F 5K Run
Angie Bryant 47 M 5K Run
Chris Bryant 47 M 5K Run
Elizabeth Butcher 31 F 5K Run
Carla Cecil 57 F 1 Mile Walk
Courtney Cheatwood 26 F 1 Mile Walk
Amanda Clark 55 F 1 Mile Walk
Mark Cullison 32 M 5K Run
Renee DeLawder 42 F 5K Run
Brian Delong 47 M 1 Mile Walk
Johnny Donegan IV 9 M 1 Mile Walk
Jennifer Easter 41 M 5K Run
Scout Easter 3 F Kit Dash
Greg Ervin 71 M 5K Run
Gretchen Fisher 48 F 5K Run
John Fonegan III 40 M 1 Mile Walk
Robin Fowler 53 F 5K Run
Todd Fowler 54 M 5K Run
Dani fowler 30 F 5K Run
Rizza Garrett 34 M 5K Run
Drake George 16 M 1 Mile Walk
Shannen Ginier 45 M 5K Run
Geneiveve Ginier 40 M 5K Run
Shannen Ginier 42 F 5K Run
Preston Green 13 M 5K Run
Landen Green 13 M 5K Run
Michelle Hammond 48 F 5K Run
Cynthia Hanish 54 M 5K Run
Jason Hettinger 47 M 1 Mile Walk
Marcia Hill 63 F 1 Mile Walk
Cassie Holley 28 F 5K Run
Vicky Holly 58 F 1 Mile Walk
Marie Hoover 49 M 5K Run
Shannan Huffman 40 F 1 Mile Walk

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