Cass 5K Stump Run Entry List

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First Name Last Name Age Gender Event Team
Chris Adcock 48 M Adult preregistered
Kelley Adcock 48 F Adult preregistered
Rachel Anger 38 F Adult late registration
Luke Anger 14 M Under 18 late registration
Isaac Anger 11 M Under 18 late registration
Lilly Anger 9 F Under 18 late registration
Katrina Clinebell 36 F Adult late registration
Evan Clinebell 8 M Under 18 late registration
Carla Garrett 54 F Adult late registration
Donald Garrett 59 M Adult late registration
Sheldon Holbert 35 M Adult preregistered
Payton Holbert 10 F Under 18 preregistered
Marshall Markey 35 M Adult preregistered
Preston Nixon 9 M Under 18 preregistered
Philip Nixon 14 M Under 18 preregistered
Kristin Pennington 40 F Adult preregistered
Donnie Pennington 51 M Adult preregistered
Nicholas Pennington 16 M Under 18 preregistered
Megan Pennington 15 F Under 18 preregistered
Tony Pennington 48 M Adult preregistered
Larry Thrasher 57 M Adult late registration
Joshua TRINKLE 43 M Adult preregistered
Vivian Workman 40 F Adult preregistered

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by promoting fitness and
raising millions for charity.

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