Alan Osuch...have you heard of him? (7 Photos)

By: | December 23, 2015

If you have ever taken the plunge of directing a race or volunteered at one, you understand how much work goes into pulling off a top-notch event. I have the joy of working with hundreds of hard working and dedicated race directors each and every year. I am always amazed by how I learn from you all each and every week! I want to take a second and introduce you (Or let you know more about) Alan Osuch, one of the most dedicated Race Directors we have the honor or working with each year!

I am lucky that I have a website where I get the opportunity to publically thank people who are in my life and I want to take this opportunity to publically thank Alan Osuch and his team at Osuch Race Planners for their hard work ALL YEAR LONG and their commitment to raising tens of thousands of dollars for local charities while helping us promote fitness in our region!

If you have been to any of his races (And a LOT of you have), you know he puts on 25+ races each year (that's over 2 each month), in the Ashland, KY area. You might not believe me unless you personally know him, but he does this out of the goodness of his heart. He alone has helped to raise over $30,000 for dozens of charities in our region. That is right, $30,000 all by himself! Of course, I can't forget about the thousands of runners who donate their money and time to help out the charities as well! But Alan does a great job at getting people excited about his events.

Behind every good man is a better woman. FOR Alan, it is Pam. If you see Alan at a race, you will see Pam holding down the registration table. Her smiling face and (Smaller!) frame is always there to greet you and get you through the process of registering at the race or picking up your packet go as smooth as possible. If you saw Pam at the beginning of 2015 and look at her today, she is kicking butt on her journey to lose weight and if you see her, make sure to give her a "You look great!", because she does!

Other Members of Alan's team that we have had the joy of working with are pictured above. We know that volunteers are worth their weight in gold and Alan never has any problem getting people to help him.

Everyone loves working with Alan!

When Alan is not directing a race, he is out there running and crossing the Finish Line, himself! Every Saturday morning, you will find Alan, either at one his own races, or running in another one! He competed in several half marathons this fall and the Charleston Distance Run. Don't forget, that he was competing in Half Marathons and putting on a 5K Race at least twice a month.

Make sure you check out one of Alan's races in 2016! He ALWAYS makes the charities and participants his number 1 priority. We are proud to know Alan and share the goal of helping to raise millions of dollars for charity while promoting fitness in our region.

Have you ran in any of his events? Do you think he is as awesome as we do? Let's share the Christmas spirit and post something positive below!

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Julie Yates - 5 years ago

I gotta say, this makes me so proud! There is non like Alan, his heart is so big and he truly cares about the events, the charities and the participants! For him it is about pleasing everyone and he willing go out of his way to do so! If you are looking f

Sheri Britt - 5 years ago

I've known this guy for years and he is great. Wish he lived in Florida.

Dave Moore - 5 years ago

Alan is a great guy with a big heart. He always gives 100%

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