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AAU Youth Cross Country National Championships





Meet: AAU Youth Cross Country National Championships

Location: Oakville Indian Mounds Park & Museum / Decatur, Alabama

Date: 12/06/08




     Age Division                 Distance      Time     

BANTAM Girls (born 1998& 1999)                       3000 meters

35. Kaylyn Harris                              Reedsville                               13:06


BANTAM BOYS (born 1998& 1999)                     3000 meters               

14. Braxton McMillion                      Winfield                                 11:22


MIDGET GIRLS (born 1996 &1997)                    3000 meters                           

42. Destiny Harrison                         Charlestown                          12.44


MIDGET BOYS (born 1996 &1997)                      3000 meters                           

81. Andrew Ferguson                       Winfield                                 12:43                          


YOUTH GIRLS (born 1994 & 1995)                      4000 meters                           

42. Macy Coffey                                Winfield                                 16:20

67. Cherish McMillion                      Winfield                                 17:17


INTERMEDIATE BOYS (born 1992 - 1993)        5000 meters                           

25. Patrick Jividen                            Liberty                                   16:55



AAU National Championship medals were awarded to the first twenty-five individual places based on year of birth for Bantam, Midget & Youth divisions. Only the top 25 finishers in the Primary, Intermediate and Young Men/Women divisions received AAU National Championship medals.


Congratulations to Braxton McMillion and Patrick Jividen for their medal performances! 

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