Be Careful What You Ask For

By: Travis Epling


A while back I was on an easy 8 mile run with Pat Riley and was pitching him the idea of having more content on TriStateRacer.  Many of you, like myself, probably find yourself visiting the site at least once a day to see if anything new has been posted, and often times the content is the same- with the exception of new races being announced.  I really enjoy the site, and think it is one of the best things to happen to our area to continue growing our running community.


My pitch to Pat included finding people with writing experience who were tied to our running community to compile cool and interesting pieces. Little did I know, a week after my pitch to Pat I would receive an email asking me to start blogging for the site. It would kind of be hypocritical of me to turn him down…. My hope is that readers find something in my blog that can help them become a better runner.


Now, let me be up front and honest. If you know me, I have no real experience in journalism or anything of the nature, and I’m definitely not a seasoned blogger.

Who am I??  My name is Travis Epling, I’m 27 years old, and am a nine-year resident of Huntington, WV. Originally from Point Pleasant, WV, I was an average high school runner that somehow found my way onto the Cross Country team at Marshall University, and managed to put together a decent career.   I am a 2008 graduate and a 2010 grad of the Masters Program where I also spent two years as a Graduate Assistant to Coach Small and the Track & Field/Cross Country team.  I’m currently the Assistant Director for Athletic Development for MU, a fancy name for the guy that helps raise money for the more than 350 student athletes who receive an athletic scholarship.


In no way am I an expert when it comes to running. To be honest, I am continuing to learn new things everyday. Hopefully through this blog I can help someone or motivate that person on the couch to get out and start running.  

Running is something I use as a way to continue to stay competitive, and it’s a great stress reliever from the daily grind.


I am working on my first blog entry titled “Set A Goal” stay tuned!


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