Set A Goal

By: Travis Epling

Set A Goal


One thing I have learned over my career, and especially now that I have fallen more into the recreational category, is that you have to SET GOALS. 


Goals are defined as the result of achievement towards which effort is directed. Your goals can be anything, get out and run a few miles a week, run your first 5K, run a marathon. It really doesn’t matter what it is, but make one. 


Having that goal in your head is what will help you get out the door on these cold winters days; running a few extra miles a week, or pushing just a little bit harder.


Now it’s simply not enough to just set a goal. Your next step is to share your goal.  If you simply set a goal and keep it to yourself, who’s going to hold you accountable for obtaining your goals, and more importantly celebrate with you when you achieve it?


 Who do you share your goal with?  ANYONE…a spouse, parent, co-worker, and/or running partners are perfect candidates to share your goals with. Hopefully they take their role seriously and become your cheering section as you work towards obtaining it.


Now to prove my point, I am going to share my goals for this upcoming summer and beyond with the TriStateRacer community. Hopefully I can celebrate with all of you as I achieve them, or you can laugh and make fun of me when I don’t!!



Winter Goal:  Continue to train through the bad weather and do at least one workout a week.


Spring Goal: Do a race with one of my dogs


Summer Goal:  Run a 15:30 5K


Long Term Goal:  Run a Marathon under 2:40 

My first marathon was this November where I ran 2:47 without a ton of mileage.


As you see, some of my goals can be easily obtained and others will take a ton of work and effort.  Running a 2:39.9 marathon isn’t going to be easy at all, and I fully understand that and look forward to the challenge of working towards that goal over the next year.


Remember, set some easily obtainable goals and some more challenging ones, then get out there and start working towards achievement.


Good Luck!




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