Dec. 5-11, 2011 Training

By: Nick Bias

Dec. 5-11- Recap

Dec. 5- 6 miles easy- Legs were definitely tired from the previous Fridays- 11 mile tempo and last Sunday's 20 mile with marathon pace finish (Last 4 miles).

Dec. 6- 8 miles hilly in Madison- Legs felt much better and definitely was a solid hilly run.

Dec. 7- Planned off Day- I will explain reasoning later.

Dec. 8- 3 miles w/u, 4, 4, 8, 8, 4, 4, with 2 min recovery- (4s- Avg. 77)--------------(8s- Avg.- 2:45), 2.5 mile /cd- Total- 8.5 miles

Dec. 9- 7 miles rolling from Joplin Park

Dec. 10- 2 mile w/u, 4 x 10 min hard with 4 min. recovery------KC--------------------1.) 5:49 through mile- 1.71 miles,

2.) 5:49 through mile- 1.72 miles

3.) 5:48 through mile- 1.71 miles- Decent head wind in face

4.) 5:47 through mile- 1.74 miles- Decent head wind in face

1.5 miles cool down-28 degrees at 8 am- A little chilly! - Total- 11 miles

Dec. 11- 16 miles in 2 hours 4 minutes- Legs were really tired from workout on Saturday so I just started off slow and gradually picked it up.  Wasn't really worried about pace today, just wanted to get in 2 hours and another long run.  Started at 7 AM- 21 degrees- Really chilly!

Weekly Total- 57.5 miles- It was a planned drop week in mileage to let the legs heal up a bit and the abdominal strain I've been dealing with.  With marathon training, I feel like there's always something that's hurting or sore. LOL--- The next 3 weeks will all be 70+ mileage weeks.

The previous four weeks were (68, 70, 67, 71.5) and I had a planned off day on Wednesday.  I've also been nursing an abdominal strain on my right oblique.  I'm not sure how I strained it, but I've been icing it.  Speed work seems to aggrivate it a bit, but it's still working so I'm going to keep pushing for Houston in 5 weeks.  I'm confident if I take care of it, I'll be ok!

The workout on Saturday was a solid workout for me and it gives me confidence.  My legs were a little tired yesterday from Saturday's workout and my stomach was upset for the first 8-10 miles, but after a bathroom stop at UC and some gatorade it seemed to be just fine. 

I'm looking forward to the coming weeks of training and staying healthy! Big shout out to my wife Brooke yesterday for running a huge PR in the Winter Series 5k in Charleston- 24:36!  Keep rocking!

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