Hello RunLexington.com & Resolution Run 5 Miler

By: Bobbie Perkins

Hello RunLexington.com ! My name is Bobbie Perkins. I have been asked to join as a blogger for RunLexington.com probably because I am well … I'll just go ahead and admit it I am a racing junkie! I began running in 2009 and honestly haven't stopped since.

My first race of 2014 was the Resolution Run 5-miler right here in beautiful Lexington at ColdStream Park. (It was also my husband’s and my 13th anniversary!)

January 1 was the perfect day for a race. It was sunny and 45 degrees. There was a slight breeze, however, that we had to run into most of the race. They said the awards would be based on gun time even though it was chip-timed as well, so we tried to start pretty close to the front. I went ahead and started my Garmin before crossing the mat. I told Gerard I wasn't going out all crazy fast. With the crazy crowd it seemed like it would be hard to go out fast but my first mile was 8:12! Too fast for me to start but I just tried to keep on and keep up with Gerard. 

We slowed it down a bit and there was a gradual uphill for about a half mile but I was able to stay right behind him for about 2½ miles! After that I could see him but there was no way I would catch him, I was still happy with that. The last mile seemed forever long and got me. I had (hang on - TMI) thick snot choking me up, and since I'm not a spitter (I seriously can't - it goes all down the front of my chin!) I had to stop a couple of times and clear my throat. At the beginning of the race I said I was shooting for a 45 minute finish. Even with my short walks to clear my throat I am very pleased with each of my miles and my overall average:

Mile 1- 8:12:
Mile 2- 9:07
Mile 3- 8:34
Mile 4- 8:38
Mile 5- 9:09

Overall Average- 8:44
Garmin Finish Time- 44:04
Chip Time- 43:54

Take that 45 minutes. I blew you away!
Check out my personal blog Journey in Running where you can see more of my running adventures. Run Happy!


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