LaceLocker: Because Loose Laces Ruin Races

By: Matt Reno

For many runners, the difference between basking in the glory of a personal record and settling for trying again next time often comes down to mere seconds. Stopping to tie your shoelaces could destroy any chance of that PR glory. Of course, when your other option is tripping on loose laces and eating concrete, taking a re-tie break is the lesser of two evils. 


Fortunately, LaceLocker eliminates that option altogether by securely holding laces in place. LaceLocker is a simple yet effective way of ensuring your laces stay put throughout your race, long run, hike, or any other activity. This small strap slips under your laces and folds over the tie, attaching with Velcro. It's an unobtrusive device that's barely noticeable while you run (unless you want it to be seen, in which case you can order it in various colors). It’s easy to attach and to unstrap when the run is over.

I've used LaceLocker during easy long runs and fast-paced races. Either way, they do the trick. It takes only an extra second to secure my laces, and I can go the entire run without having to worry about them coming undone. This is a great product for runners, and I can see them being an effective safety product for kids too – can’t have untied laces on the playground! Using LaceLocker means one less thing to worry about during a run, and it could prevent that one pit stop that adds precious seconds to your race time.

Learn more at and enter here to win your own pair.

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