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This is my favorite blog. I have repeated this one several times but I love to post it when the weather starts getting cold! Hopefullly this helps someone get out the door this winter!

I always like to repeat the same blog entry this time of the year. With the weather turning colder, some people like to head indoors and we often pick being warm over being active and fit. So, how do you stay active and fit when it is really cold outside?

Here is your tips for dressing for those winter runs!


The first rule of running in the winter months is dressing appropriately. Layers are best but not everyone knows how to dress in layers.

Base Layer

The first layer (or the layer closest to the body) is called a base layer. Typically this would be some sort of tights. Underarmour has finally made these cool to wear even as an outer layer. They can be found at any sports stores, local running shops, or online retailers.


The next layer can be an assortment of different things. There are many different fabrics that whisk sweat away and you can go with these more expensive fabrics or just some cotton sweats or a long sleeve t-shirt.

Outer Shell

The final layer is the outer shell. When it is windy, snowy, or the rain is falling, this layer will help you out the most. The outer shell layer will consist of a wind/rain resistant jacket and/or pants. This will do wonders to protect against the winter elements.


Your head should be covered with a toboggan of some sorts. The cheapest ones sometimes work the best so there is no need to spend a lot of money on these.


Gloves are a must when the temperatures drop below 45’. There are many different varieties of gloves. Typically, a runner will not want a big and thick gloves as they may be too heavy and tire the arms on a long run. They make gloves that can actually warm as you produce sweat. Fleece gloves are also very popular.

Random Tip

Another tip would be to watch the wind and if the route is an out and back, try to make the out part (or the first part) of the run against the wind. This is when the body is just warming up and hasn’t produced too much sweat. When it is time to turn around, the body will be a little sweatier, and the wind is at the runner’s back making the return trip a little more satisfying.

Be Consistent!

One last tip would be to be consistent. If a runner stays out on the roads, they get used to the conditions. The more a runner goes out in the worst of conditions, the easier it is to go out again.

What could be better then a snow storm coming through making the roads impassable to cars?!!? That is when the runner really knows what it is like to own the roads while running on snow that feels like pillows under the feet.

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