Dec. 19-25, 2011 Training

By: Nick Bias

Dec. 19- 7 miles in KC- Very relaxed pace- Legs felt very tired from yesterday's 22 miles with some major hills/climbs the first 10 miles.

Dec. 20- 3 mile w/u, 12 x 400 w/ 2 min rec (73 avg), 1.5 mle c/d- In Madison at Scott Track--I actually felt much better than yesterday and was very consistent on this.  I felt stronger the last 3-4 so that is encouraging.  I can definitely tell my legs are in marathon mode- Those 400s are good for variation- Teaches your body to use different muscles--Total- 9 miles

Dec. 21- 9 miles with Marshall, George, and about 25 other people at St. Albans Light Run.  We met early and ran the 5k course to get extra mileage. Nice little climb up to St. Albans City Park!  This was the first time I have did this run, but it was very enjoyable running with a lot of great people and through the lights at night.  This will definitely be on my agenda for next year!

Dec. 22- 10 miles with John Meadows in KC in the pouring rain.

Dec. 23- 6 miles easy in KC

Dec. 24- 20 miles in 2:13:44- 5 mile w/u, 15 miles (1:37:08) at Marathon Goal Pace- (6:28 avg.) in KC.  I'll explain the details in a bit.

Dec. 25- 6 miles recovery run in St. Marys before driving back to Madison for Christmas Extravganza. 

Weekly Total- 67 miles

Solid Week of training!  I was very pleased with the 12 400's on Tuesday even though my legs were still a bit tired from the 22 two days before.

The 20 mile run on Saturday gives me a big confidence boost 3 weeks from my marathon in Houston.  Marathon Goal Pace is such an important part of your training because your body has to know what is coming and what that pace feels like.  You are going to have to run it for 26.2 miles so that pace better become your best friend! Pat and I did this same workout last spring 3 weeks before Boston and it gave me confidence.  So I decided to try it again and it was successful.

This time I did it solo but I just stuck right around 6:30 pace the whole time and actually was under 6:30 the last 4 miles feeling strong.  I didn't feel that great the first 4 miles but once my body got warmed/loosened up, the pace felt very nice.  I feel confident with a taper in a couple of weeks, good weather, and fresh legs I can hold 6:30-6:40 pace for the marathon.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

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