Dec. 26-2011-Jan. 1, 2012 Training

By: Nick Bias

Christmas Break Training

I thoroughly enjoyed having the week off from teaching and school.  I got to enjoy running in the AM and napping in the afternoons like the pros get to.  :)

Dec. 26- 8 miles at Joplin Park

Dec. 27- 3 mile w/u, 5 x 90 seconds up hill on Kanawha Turnpike, 3 mile cool down in the rain/wind. Total- 8 miles

Dec. 28-7 miles from UC with John Chuck Meadows

Dec. 29- 2 mile w/u, 10 x 1 mile with 400 jog or 2 min recovery(10 seconds faster than Marathon Goal Pace- My goal pace is 6:30 so 6:20 is what I did- St. Albans Track).  This was more of a grinding workout and really had to put the brakes on- Just tried to look down at Garmin every 400 to check my pace.  Overall average was (6:15)- Slowest- 6:22, Fastest- 6:04.  1 mile cool down.  My good friend and former teammate at Concord University Adam Coon was doing a workout on the road and once he finished he came on the track and helped me practice drinking gatorade in the cups during my workout.  Very helpful!  Thanks again Adam!-(I feel nothing)- Total- 14.5 miles

Dec. 30- 6 miles easy from Drug Emporium- North Charleston with John Meadows and others.

Dec. 31- 6.50 miles- Short bridge from UC with Geore Aulenbacher.

Jan. 1- 17 miles with Marshall and George from UC. Nice and relaxed effort.  Stomach was a little upset and had to make two bathroom stops at CAMC, but other than that I felt pretty good.  No more Raisin Bran before bed! LOL

Weekly Total= 67 miles

Overall- I am very pleased with the week of training and very excited for Houston Marathon which is two weeks away.  The next two weeks will be taper/less intense weeks but with some moderate intense workouts to keep the legs vibrant.  The workout on Thursday was another confidence boost as I was able to control my pace and hit the workout times I needed to hit.  The goal the next two weeks is to stay sharp, get plenty of rest, continue to eat well, and stay off my feet whenever possible at school.  As my college coach- Mike Cox- would say- "The hay is already in the barn"- There's not a lot else I can do now- My fitness is right where I want it to be, I'm not going to gain anything now- so I just have to stay sharp and listen to my body and rest it. 

Happy Nooh Ye-ah!- That's how my good friend Norm "Pan" Miller- from Portland, Maine says it. :)

Good Luck to everyone at the Winter Series races (Charleston and Baboursville)

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