Jan. 2-Jan.8, 2012 Training

By: Nick Bias

2012 Training- 1st week of January

1 week until Houston Marathon

Jan. 2- 7 miles from Dunbar with Tallman Track Club- Great turnout- Fairly Cold!

Jan. 3- 3 mile w/u, 6 x 400 (76 avg.), 2 mile c/d- Total- 6.5 miles-----------------------This was a tough day to do 400s because 1.) All the roads in KC were either icy or snow covered, and 2.) It was like 25 degrees.  So not exactly a great day for your fast twitch muscle fibers.  But I just tried to get it in and have solid effort on this turnover workout.

Jan. 4- 6 miles in KC- Relaxed.

Jan. 5- Planned rest day

Jan. 6- 2.5 mile w/u, 3 min, 10 min, 3 min, 10 min, 3 min with 3 min recovery- Scaled back effort-------3 min (2:54 through 800), 10 min (6:16 through mile-1.60 miles), 3 min (2:50 through 800), 10 min (6:15 through mile- 1.63 miles), 3 min- (2:51 through 800)--- 1.5 mile c/d---- Total miles-10 miles

Jan. 7- 5 miles easy in KC-36:59---- Legs were a little fatigued from last night's workout but my pace was still solid.  So hopefully that is a good sign!

Jan. 8- 13 miles in KC- Long bridge loop with Marshall. Legs felt pretty good- The majority of the run was in the 7:20 or sub 7:20 range which felt very comfortable.

Weekly Total- 48 miles-1st taper week- Legs are wanting more miles but you gotta back off to give your body enough rest.  It seems like when you start your taperig phase your body actully feels worse,  but hopefully with some extra rest, time off my feet and an ice bath I will feel very refreshed for next Sunday's Houston Marathon.  I feel like my fitness is better and I'm more prepared for this marathon than any I've ever trained for.  I just need to race smart, have faith in my training process, and execute on race day. 

Wish me luck!

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