How Many is Too Many: My 2012 Race List

By: Rachel Gibson

As 2012 is now in full swing I've begun to map out my races for the year.  First and foremost I truly believe that it's most important to run what’s comfortable for you physically (and for me, financially).  During the prime spring and fall seasons I'd love to run races of various distances every few weekends as my body allows.  While there are millions available, the funds in my lonely bank account just won't comply.

With that being said, I feel confident in my previous years to focus on full marathons, so without further adieu, here is my potential 2012 race schedule. 

2/26/2012 *Last Chance for Boston Marathon – Dublin, OH

(A 1-mile course that loops 26 times.  True story.)


3/18/2012 *Yuengling Shamrock Marathon – Virginia Beach, VA

 (Doing this one with a group of Huntingtonites?  Huntingtonians?  Whatever the proper terminology, it's sure to be an EPIC weekend!)


4/1/2012 Athens Marathon – Athens, OH

(So close, so cheap!  And I hear it’s flat, too.  But is it one too many?)


4/28/2012 *Illinois I-Challenge 5k & Marathon – Champaign-Urbana, IL

 (I’ve done this every year they’ve had it—gotta’ keep the streak going!)


5/20/2012 *RiteAid Cleveland Marathon – Cleveland, OH

(Free housing and running it with dad.  Done deal.)


6/23/2012 *West Virginia 5k Championship -- Huntington, WV

(I had such a great time at this race last year that I've vowed to run it every summer!)


7/16/2012 Kanawha Trace Trail 50k – Ona, WV

(Ohhh boy.  Not so sure about this one.  50k seems intimidating!)


9/15/2012 *Air Force Marathon – Wright Patt AFB, OH

(Close by, free housing, and perfect timing for a fall training race.)


10/7/2012 *Bank of America Chicago Marathon – Chicago, IL

(Ahhh, my old home.  The windy city.  Also run with a group from Huntington, hooray!)


10/21/2012 Detroit Freepress Marathon – Detroit, MI

(My dad and his dad ran this one all the time.  Now it’s me and dad’s turn!)


11/4/2012 ING New York City Marathon – NYC, NY

(Here’s hoping me luck in the lottery!)


So what is that?  Nine marathons and a 50k all in 2012?  Am I completely nuts?!  Please feel free to tell me if I am; I’ve never attempted this before and am pretty intimidated just looking at that list!


What are your 2012 races?

*Notes races I've already signed up for.  No turning back now!

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