An April Fools 5K would look like this

By: Pat Riley

Next year, April 1 falls on a Saturday. We, at TSR, are already in the planning stages of coming up with an EPIC experience for all participants in the April Fools 5K in 2017! Here are some of the ideas that we have come up with for the event next year.


Pick your own course 5K. Everyone starts and finishes at the same place, but you get to pick your own route.

Could you imagine how exciting it would be to see hundreds or thousands of people take off in different directions once the gun goes off! It would be wild and crazy!

Change the race name

“The Race Committee has decided to change the name of the race from the ‘April Fools 5K’ to the ‘Gentleman’s Club 5K for Women’s Rights’. Please wear your shirts proudly.

All Finish Line Music will be Justin Bieber


Volunteers yelling “Run, Forest, Run”

After 20+ years of random people in cars yelling “Run, Forest, Run” to runners on the sides of roads across America, races from now on will encourage all course volunteers to yell “Run Forest, Run” in an effort to encourage all participants.

We just add 2 minutes to everyone's finish times.  

Or we could do the opposite and take away 5 minutes from everyone’s time. Then we wait till after you have told everyone about your new PR to let you know that it was just an April Fool’s Joke.

All those signed up for the 5k today will be running a half marathon.

We turn the 5K into a half-marathon! SURPRISE!

Be alert, we are changing the course mid-race

Not only is the course now 13.1, but the course will magically change throughout the race without notice! (Kind of like the stairs at Hogwarts)

Awards are for the last place finishers only today.

The last place finisher


Let us know what ideas you would like to see on April 1, 2017!

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