40th 5K is a reason to celebrate

By: Pat Riley

We know that people run and compete in races for a million different reasons. We see you all out there making yourselves better every day and racing on the weekends. For this, we a TriStateRacer.com salute you! We have not forgotten the time that we were called the fattest city in America, and takes an entire community to step up and prove that we are an active, lively, and happy community. Runners know this and we see it every day and every Saturday morning at races around the Tri-State.

We were at RItter Park on Saturday, May 29th, helping the Huntington Police Department's K9 Unit raise some much needed funds for their K9 unit. These 4 legged officers are amazing to be around and work day and night to make our city a much better place to live in. When we were contacted to help them in January of 2016, I was excited at the opportunity to do so. Seriously, if you see one of these officers and their handlers, thank them and tell them how much you appreciate them! It is just a small effort that could change the officer's day!

While at the event, we noticed that one finsiher, Jill Greenhill, had quite the support crew on hand. Turns out, it was her 40th 5K! I didn't even need to check out database to know that this was true as we have seen her almost every Saturday morning! We all set goals and when we reach a goal, it is time for celebration! Jill, our hats are off to you and from the team at TriStateRacer.com, we stand and applaud! 

Bringing 100+ people to be your support squad is amazing!

The Herald-Dispatch did a great job telling Jill's story. You can find the entire article here.

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