Transformation Tuesday - Candice

By: Pat Riley

A simple weight loss journey, to obtaining a new hobby, Candice Wayne has been trying to lose weight like any other person. Little did Candice know a simple set back of Plantar Fascities, would push her to finishing her first Half Marathon.

Weighing at 248.2lbs, Candice was determinded to lose weight and get in shape. She started her weight loss journey with Zumba classes and then was interested in finding new activites to incorpate in her weight loss. The appealing thought of being able to run whenever and whereever was what brought Candice into the sport of running.

Starting at square one in the summer of 2013, Candice made an attempt at running for two years.  During these beginning stages of learning to run, she developed Plantar Fascities and had to take a year away from her new sport. Candice didn’t put a stop to her weight loss, she stuck to low impact exercises until she was able to put on her running shoes again. She started off going out running once a week, with a little help from her local gym’s treadmill. In the fall of 2015, she started to understand the groove of running with a fellow runner and friend. Her friend gave her advice on how to increase her distance to improve herself.

With many races under her belt, and K9s Count 5k in Huntington, WV being her latest one, Candice had one dream race to work for. In May 1st, 2016, Candice dream came true when her father-in-law invited her to run the Pittsburgh Half Marathon. With no real knowledge on how to train for a half-marathon, Candice was ready to go and just accomplish finishing. With a time of 2:53:11, Mrs. Wayne got to set her goal and finish her first half-marathon! Now weighing at 169.7lbs, the next big race she’s training for will be the Marshall University Half Marathon this coming fall. With almost 80lb lost, Candice would love other runners to know, “ It doesn’t matter how fast you are, how far you run, how long you’ve been running, or why you do it; what’s important is that you enjoy it!!”  

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