Rally For Autism does the unthinkable - Raises over $95,000 for local charities

By: Pat Riley

It is a joy and an honor to let everyone know that the 2016 Rally For Autism that was held in Huntington, WV on April 30 raised over $95,000 and 100% of the funds stays local to help three autism entities.

We at TSR hit the roof when a simple email came into our inbox from Elaine Harvey, event coordinator for Rally For Autism, that simply stated

“The total amount raised (with the help of Kayla, Pat and the rest of the team at TriStateRacer) for The Ruth Sullivan Rally for Autism® was $95,221.16.  Thanks for all of the help to attain that great number!!”

We at TriStateRacer.com started working with the great people at Rally for Autism in 2012 and we challenged ourselves to help this event grow and grow. Would we be able to do so? I made promises to Elaine many years ago and honestly, it could have gone either way. We could have been super successful, or we could have crashed and burned.

Team TSR is a group of very hard working and dedicated people with lots of heart that want to promote fitness and raise millions for charity. It is AMAZING to hit a grand slam like this and know that the joint effort is going to help so many freaking people in our community. $96,000!!!! Can you imagine just how many people with Autism that this will help?

Many thanks goes out to Kayla Dodd, Team TSR member, who took the lead on this event and worked with the Rally For Autism team to help them put on such a successful event (Over 1,200 registered!). Countless hours and dozens of volunteers with love in their heart and enough motivation to attempt to move a mountain, met once a month, all year long, planning and plotting to provide an amazing experience for all those who attend the Rally For Autism.

Ever since we came on board, we have been right beside them celebrating every April as they have experience a solid 15% growth each and every year with HUGE plans for 2017 to see that number increase even further. We do have BIG ideas and we can’t wait to announce them soon!

The three Huntington based agencies that will benefit from the monies raised at the 2016 Rally For Autism are amazing and unique.

The first one is the great people at the Autism Society River Cities, formerly known as the Huntington Area Autism Society. Founded in 1982 by Dr. Ruth Christ Sullivan. They are an all-volunteer organization providing information and support to individuals and their families living with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Serving the tri-state area consisting of eastern Kentucky, southern Ohio and western West Virginia, their services include connecting families with others who share similar circumstances and providing activities for families to enjoy such as various holiday parties, gatherings for things like bowling and jumping on blow-ups at a jump house. Check them out and volunteer, it is totally worth it: Autism Society River Cities

The second amazing group is the Autism Services Center. They go by ASC, to keep it simple. Founded on the belief that each person with an intellectual and/or developmental disability has the capacity for growth and development. They has a right to services that enhance well-being, quality of life, and opportunities to learn. Each individual should have access to the most normal and least restrictive social and physical environments consistent with his or her needs. Those with even the most challenging behaviors can respond to dignified interaction in a structured, meaningful program with appropriately trained and supervised staff and the appropriate client/staff ratio. ASC encourages the use of best clinical practices and believes everyone has the right to effective treatment. Simply an awesome group! Autism Services Center

The third organization to benefit is the tremendous people at the West Virginia Autism Training Center. Established by the West Virginia Legislature in 1984 and housed at Marshall University. Education and training services are provided throughout the state. Their mission is to provide support to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders as they pursue a life of quality. They do it through education, training and support for family members or guardians, professional personnel and others important in the life of a person with an autism spectrum disorder. WV Autism Training Center at Marshall University

Our goal is to help our community
by promoting fitness and
raising millions for charity.

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