Transformation Tuesday: Going the Extra Miles

By: Brittany Dino


                With work, social life, and family life; were used to the idea of only getting about 30 minutes a week in for our runs. Some get 30 minutes at least three times a week in or just enough to get them ready for the weekends 5K their registered for.

Jason Beckner, not only found a way to incorporate his love for running with his family life, but also with his social life. Jason has been running for 3.5 years, and over 290 miles this month! Beckner’s goal each week is to run 70 miles, with 2-3 races per month. A total of 2018 miles for 2015, and already has 2010 miles for this year. His support system are the great people he runs with and his mother.

 Jason never really expected to accomplish these many miles, but he just loves helping his group of friends achieve their goals. Beckner tends to run twice a day Tuesday and Thursday, and have a long run on Saturday. With his running group of friends, they constantly strive to push each other and making one another better runners. With the running group they tend to go for long runs up to 27 miles.

Beckner recently participated in The Kristen Stitlner 5K in Wayne and the Diabolical Boob in Cattlesburg the following day! It was his first back to back races, then after the Diabolical Boob race he ran 26.2 miles with his running group. This is a man that found a way to enjoy what he loves with his family and friends. Let’s keep cheering him on!!

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