Workout Wednesday: Don't Forget Your Upper Body!

By: Brittany Dino

With upper body being top importance for runners, you want to make sure your targeting it during workouts. The upper body help with serve things during a run; preventing injury, posture, and form. Here are a few moves you can add to your workout to help strengthen your upper body to get the most out of your run.


  • Shoulder press balancing on one leg (15)

  • Bent over rows (15)

  • Kettlebell swings (15)

  • Reverse lunge rotations ( 10 on each leg)

  • Push Ups (10)

  • Arm curls (20)

  • Jabs (20each arm)

  • “T” Lifts (10)

  • Tricep Extensions ( 20)

Remember to do 2- 3 sets, with 2-5 minute rest in between. Always stretch when working out!

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