Promoting Fitness & Raising Millions for Charity: TSR Celebrates 9th Anniversary

By: Kayla Dodd

Today is the 9th Anniversary of & we would like to thank everyone for your continued support throughout the years! TSR began as a place to post race information and it grew into a place to promote fitness to the entire Tri-State area and beyond! It couldn't have happened without the great staff at TSR. Each and every member of Team TSR are amazing and talented and bring something unique to the timing group! We would also like to thank all of the dedicated Race Directors and race committees, for their hard work and dedication to put on such great events for participants and their charities.

“Being able to help so many great causes and seeing the smiling faces of thousands of finishers my past three years at TSR has been AWESOME! The team is great to work with and I have been able to meet so many great people within the running community. The work that the entire Team has been able to accomplish over the years is simply amazing,” Kayla Dodd, TSR Event Manager.

Pat Riley, Owner of, “On this, our 9th Anniversary of, we look back at everything that TSR has done through the years. I started the website because I couldn't find a local race to run on a Saturday morning, and now, it has become the hub for running in our community. TSR always has been and always will be FREE, for everyone to promote their events on our calendar, upload results and share photos! With over 180,000 finishers and over 1,200 races that have utilized our site over the years, it makes all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears completely worth it. Stay tuned, as we are always planning to grow TSR and help our local community out in every way possible. Thank you to everyone for your support, the TSR Timing Group looks forward to another awesome year!”

“Working at has been one of the most rewarding times in my life. My coworkers have become like family. We joke, laugh, share what is going on in our lives, and are there for each other without hesitation. A little more than a year ago, a team member was diagnosed with cancer. Not only did they receive calls, texts, social media messages with an outpouring of support, but the TSR team chipped in and provided a full Thanksgiving Dinner, allowing the family to spend more time together instead of taking time to cook a large meal. I also enjoy talking to the Race Directors that I am lucky enough to work with. They are passionate about the charity that they are working to raise money for, and want to share those feelings and emotions with others. Their kindness is humbling. Although you may only see them once a year, over a period of years you feel invested in their race. The conversation I have with them evolves from being specific to timing the race to include questions on their family, hobbies, vacations, etc. Some have invited me to join them for dinner, just to catch up when I am in their area,” Jon Sutton, TSR Event Manager.

We are proud to announce that the events that we have directly worked with over the past 9 years have raised millions of dollars for charity. That is a very special to the entire Team to say that we have been able to be a part of so much good within the community!

“To me, TriStateRacer is not just about the races, it is about providing an unforgettable experience for our participants and most importantly, raising millions of dollars for charities! I have worked events in 90-degree heat, heavy snow, pouring rain, and yet none of that seems to matter when I get to see the smiles on our participants’ faces, knowing that they are making a difference for someone,” Stuart Adkins, TSR Event Manager.

“Being a part of the TSR Timing Group has been an enjoyable experience. I've had the opportunity to work with so many great people! The Race Directors all have an amazing heart and I couldn't be happier to assist them in raising money for their local charity. Also, being able to experience the runners crossing the finish line week after week is an awarding experience. Whether it is someone's first or 100th 5k, the dedication and determination are always motivating to anyone! The team that I work with is like family, we're always there for one another, always willing to step in when needed.” Rachel Riley, TSR Event Manager.

Our goal is to help our community by promoting fitness and raising millions for charity. Thank you to EVERYONE for your support, The TSR Timing Group looks forward to the future of running, keep a lookout, as we are always looking to take our events to the next BIG level!


Our goal is to help our community
by promoting fitness and
raising millions for charity.

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