Training is Done. It's Time to Race

By: Brad Deel

The Wrightsville Beach Marathon is on the 18th and my last few workouts have gone nicely.  On the 6th I did a 10 mile marathon pace run and held fairly steady right around 6:50.  Given that I had deliberately tired my legs in the two days preceding that run, I felt good about it.  On the 12th I did a 12 mile progression run targeting various paces.  I don't use a Garmin so I wanted to see if my perception of my paces was close to reality.  My target paces for that run were 3 mile legs at 8:15, 7:45, 7:00 and 6:30 paces.  In reality, I ran 8:13, 7:45, 7:01, and 6:25.  I'm not sure how you can get closer than that.  

Since then, I have left the watch on the coffee table and just run by effort.  Yesterday was 6 miles easy and today involved 2 miles @ recovery jog warm up w/ 4 strides + 4 x 800 w/ 400 recoveries + 2 miles @ recovery jog cool down with form drills on the cool down.  Again, no watch, just run by what feels right.

A big, big thank you to the good folks at the Tallman Track Club.  Why?  Because they have spray painted 1/4 mile intervals on the streets in Kanawha City.  Why is that a big deal?  Because it's nearly impossible to get onto the Laidley Field track in the afternoon in the spring due to high school practices.  Having known distances marked on the road makes running intervals so much easier.  I have done them strictly by time before but it's a pain in the arse having to stare at your watch the whole time.  So, again, thank you Tallman Track Club.

Tomorrow I'll do 4 or 5 miles @ recovery jog and Friday I'll drop my 6 year old off at school and head down to Wrightsvile Beach.  I'm planning an exceedingly easy 3 miles Friday evening.  I'll take Saturday off with my focus on carb loading those last two days.  

Without question, I have those nagging doubts that go through your head during a taper.  Did I run enough?  Did I run too much?  Should I have neglected VO2max intervals so much?  Should I have done one more long run?  Should I do a 2 mile shake out run Saturday morning or take the day off?  Etc.  Whatever.  That's just taper madness nonsense and I recognize it for what it is.

I'm tired of training and I'm tired of waiting.  I'm ready to race dammit.


P.S.  For those who are curious, here are my goals:

"A" goal - 3:03:05.  Represents running 26.2 miles at a 6:59 pace.  Seeing a "6" in front of my pace would be really cool.

"B" goal - 3:04:59.  Beats the BQ time for my current AG by over 20 minutes

"C" goal - 3:10:59.  Beats the BQ time for the 50-54 AG - which will be my age in April, 2013 - by more than 20 minutes so I can register for what will be my first Boston Marathon on Day 1.

I'd love to target 2:59:59 but the stamina just isn't there yet.  Perhaps at the Marshall University Marathon in November that will be my goal.

See ya out there.

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