TSR Runner of the Week-Asha Bora

By: Kayla Dodd

Congratulations to 12 year old runner, Asha Bora for being featured as our TSR Runner of the Week! If you re-call, just two weeks ago her dad, Dru Bora, was also featured…running ‘runs’ in the family!!! I am proud to share Asha’s story with you.

Asha said, “I have been running consistently since June of 2015.  So, about a year and a half.”  On average, she runs around 20 - 25 miles per week and most of her racing has been through Cross Country and Track for Hurricane Middle School, but she has run over a dozen road races during this period also!!

Her first race was the Drew’s Day 5k in St. Albans with her dad on April 28, 2012, when she was eight years old. “It was memorable, not because it was my first, but because it was pouring rain!” Her current 5K PR is 20:34, which she recently earned at the Charleston Winter Series 5K this past December. “My track PR in the 1600m is 5:50 and in the 3200m, it is 12:24. My 3000 meter Cross Country PR is 12:31.” Asha is an amazing runner and TRS loves seeing her and her dad competing from the start to the finish at races!  

Asha has a couple of running goals that she is currently working towards, “I would like to break 20 minutes in a 5K and 12 minutes in the 3200m on the track.”  

When asked what motivates her to run she said, “My parents motivate me the most. They have been there from the start and have supported me ever since. Also, being on a team has been a great experience for me and I wouldn’t give that experience up for anything in the world. One thing that keeps me excited to run every time is how free it makes me feel. After a tough day at school, a good run can help me feel calmer. Although I don’t consider myself a competitive person, running brings that side out in me and so I look forward to races to see how much better I can do.”

Asha will be running in her first 10K in February, at the final race of the Charleston Winter Series on February 5.  “After that, I will concentrate on track season until May, then I am registered for the Dirty Dog 15K trail race on May 20th.” She also plans to run in the WV 5K Championship in June, in Huntington. A dream race for her would be the Boston Marathon, whenever she is older. She said, “I’m too young to think about a dream race right now, but it would be fun to run the Boston Marathon with my dad one day or just any marathon with him.”

Her favorite running/motivational quote is her family’s motto: “Keep Moving Forward.” Her favorite brand of running shoes are “whatever ones my dad buys me” but they tend to be mostly Sauconys but she does love her Brooks Pure Connects. Her favorite piece of running gear is her Garmin GPS watch. Her furthest distance that she has ran so far is 8.5 miles!

When asked what advice she would give to a beginner runner, she said, “Since I’m a beginner runner myself, I can’t answer like a more experienced runner, but I can give a little advice. It’s going to be extremely hard at first and you may think that you are the worst runner in the world, but you have to realize that every runner has gone through the exact same thoughts you are.” This is perfect advice that everyone could use!

“Before I started to run consistently, I never saw myself as an athlete or very fit. Now, I have a lot more confidence in myself and my abilities, not just in running, but other aspects of my life too. Also, I have formed a strong bond with my teammates and my father because of running.”

When she first started to run, she did not like it, she decided to give it a try because her dad was encouraging her to give it a try. “At first I could barely run a tenth of a mile, and at practices, I would walk when the coach wasn’t looking. Then came the very first meet, which also happened to be the largest meet of the season at Cabell Midland. I started out in the back of two-hundred girls (my dad thought I was going to come in dead last). But, somehow I managed to finish 20th overall and 2nd on my team as a 6th grader. It was then I realized I could help the team and actually could run. While it may sound cheesy, everything changed after that. I took practices more seriously and trained in the off-season. Now, I hate to miss more than a day or two per week of running.”

Running has truly changed Asha’s life and she has a bright running future ahead of her. Team TSR wishes her the best of luck with all of her running goals, see you at the finish line! 

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