TSR Runner of the Week-Charles May

By: Kayla Dodd

Congrats to TSR Runner of the Week Charles May! He has been on his running journey for 3 years now. His first race was on Labor Day back in 2014 in Kenova, WV, and it was the Good Samaritan Soles 5k. His current 5k PR is 19:10, and in the 10k 45:59. One of his current running goals is to run a half marathon! Charles’ motivation to run comes from wanting to motivate himself and be the best runner he can be and always do better and push himself!

Charles said that the coolest thing that he has seen while running was when he did a race up in Detroit in January of 2015. He said, “Part of the race went through parts of the Detroit Greenway system called the Dequindre Cut, and under the bridges there are lots of cool graffiti artwork.” Being able to see and experience new scenery on a run is awesome!

The race that he is currently working towards right now is the Good Samaritan Soles 5k on Labor Day. This will be his 100th race on the roads and streets!!!!!!!!!! His dream race would be one of the three 5k’s that they have at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tennessee. His favorite running/motivational quote is, “Keep on running!”

When asked what is best experience from running has been he said, “I think my best experience from running is meeting new people, and getting to know them and become good friends along the way.”

Charles has a few favorite items for his running adventures, his favorite brand of running shoes are Brooks and his favorite piece of running gear is his cross necklace that he has. “I have worn it in about every race I been in.” His farthest running distance he has ran to date has been 9 miles!!

When asked what advice he would give to a beginner runner he said, “My advice for a beginning runner is that, for however long you run and don’t see any results coming out of it, you can’t stop, because if you stop you’re giving in, you just have to keep running and don’t give up.”

Running has benefitted Charles’ health of course, and the way that he races because it has made him have better sportsmanship. Charles wants to thank his teammates from track and cross country and the many runners that he has met along the way and his coaches for getting him to the point he is at now. He said, “3 years definitely flew by during that time, and here I am getting ready for race number 100 this Labor Day!” Congrats to Charles on his of his running achievements. See you out there for race number 100!!

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