Why the Running Community is Awesome

By: Rachel Gibson

It’s amazing to recall the various memorable conversations that have started between strangers and me, from plane rides to grocery store lines to work meetings (yeah, I talk. A lot. To anyone. And everyone.). Most are about where I’m from or what I do, but the ones that spark the most fire are when I meet another runner. And every time I leave that conversation I think to myself “runners are amazing people!” Here’s a breakdown of why:

  1. They are supportive. I’ve met 5k folks. And 100 miler folks. And there’s no difference of pace or race length, they’re always supportive in real life as well as online communities—I love getting to tell people “have fun at your next event, you’ll do GREAT!” and I mean it, even when doing great means knocking me out of placing. It’s incredible to genuinely support others.
  2. They’re friendly. There are a million things to discuss, from the latest gear to race reports and everyone seems to get so excited about any facet of it. Like kids in a candy store, but better. I love it!
  3. They offer tips and advice. And not the kind where your pregnant friends tell you the TMI of baby making without asking but rather real, useful advice. What’s the best way to get rid of a calf cramp? How do I keep my shoes from smelling bad? We love sharing the random tips we’ve learned along the way, and love hearing them as well!
  4. They’re sympathetic. Most of us have been there for things; the good, the bad, and the physically gross. And while we may poke fun at your un-toenailed toes, we know what it’s like, and knowing you aren’t the only one whose forgotten to band-aid up those nipples makes you feel a little bit better on the inside (while your outside may still look unkempt).
  5. They’re FUN. Never have I met so many people that are so emotionally well (maybe it’s all the endorphins buzzing around or maybe it’s the feeling of doing something good for yourself, either way, it’s hard to complain when everyone is cheerful). And full of energy. And up for anything.

I love interacting with runners and plan to surround myself with them for the rest of my life!

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