The Scary New Age Group

By: Rachel Gibson

that's right, i finally made it--no more screaming and running around in terror, no more laying in the fetal position wallowing in self pity--it's too late for that now.


thirty.  i remember growing up thinking "wow, that's old".  then in my 20's my thoughts about the dreaded three-oh were "okay, i'm going to accomplish so many goals by 30!".  now all i can think when i hear that number is "dang, now i'm in a super fast AG!"  haha, it's funny how your perspective changes through life. 

so yes, i'm thirty.  i don't feel old and i haven't accomplished near as many goals as i thought--but i've had fun these past 30 years and dang if i don't make myself work to keep up with the speedy new age group i've found myself in.  look out thirty-something females, i ain't scared!

(okay, maybe i am.  a little.  they're FAST!)

but the nice little icing on my 29-year-old cake was the 3rd place 25-29 AG win i got from Saturday's WV5k more little award on my shelf reminding me that even though i've got my competition cut out for me now, i did accomplish something these past 30 years; i became a runner.  and that's something to celebrate!



PS, that 5k, despite the heat, really was a great race.  Particularly the pint glass.  I'm a sucker for pint glasses. 

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