Air Force Marathon Recap

By: Rachel Gibson

Wow, I am wayyy behind on updates to my fall racing schedule.  (for those of you who care.  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?) 


Air Force Marathon at Wright-Patterson AFB just outside of Dayton, which took place on September 15, was my first marathon of the fall.  With everything else going on in life, this marathon wasn't 'trained for', nor completely neglected--it was really just a welcome break from everything else. Which it was. Wings and beer at a local hole-in-the wall with friends and family the night before? Awesome. Beautiful sunny and almost brisk (still a little warm, high 70's/low 80's by the end of the race) weather for race day? I'll take it. And a brand spankin' new PR??? Heck yeah!!

Not sure where it came from, but I enjoyed every step of that hilly race. It was downright fantastic, every little bit of it.  I never hit a wall, never slowed down, I just soaked it all in--a familiar course and sunny skies--it was one of those days that just felt GOOD. 

*Dad and I's 18th marathon together.*

*Fairborn, my favorite part of the race. And yes, I definitely jumped up to touch the balloon banner. And then dropped my phone. Whoops.*

*If it's faster by 22 seconds, it's still a PR, right??*

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