7th Annual Run for Los Niños Entry List

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First Name Last Name Age Gender Event Team
Terry Bennett 53 M 5K
Stephanie Blake 48 F 5K
Angel Blake 41 F 5K
Riley Blake 11 F 5K
Tressa Bowers 57 F 5K
Katrina Brown 49 F 5K
Larry Brumfield 73 M 5K
Melora Burchell 42 F 5K
Lori Crawford 48 F 5K
Jennifer Curry 38 F 5K
Ashley Dean 33 F 5K
Eric Desmond 45 M 5K
Angela Dudek 42 F 5K
Dan Earl 52 M 5K
Audrey Earl 7 F 5K
Avey Earl 5 F 5K
ray Evans 53 M 5K
Christy Faucette 48 F 5K
Angela Footo 55 F 5K
Andy Footo 58 M 5K
Hailey Gibford 28 F 5K
Laura Grass 47 F 5K
Lillie Hall 66 F 5K
Marsha Harvey 67 F 5K
Hubert Harvey 69 M 5K
Autumn Harvey 33 F 5K
Sherrie Heaton 44 F 5K
Kaeley Heaton 15 F 5K
Scott Henry 49 M 5K
Julie Henry 47 F 5K
Emma Henry 20 F 5K
Evan Henry 22 M 5K
Jamie Henry 76 F 5K
Patrick Hickman 57 M 5K
Zachary Hickman 27 M 5K
Linda Jenkins 72 F 5K
Milleah Johnson 11 F 5K
Allison Kays 38 F 5K
Adam Kays 40 M 5K
Eliza Kays 12 F 5K
Owen Kays 10 M 5K
Myron Lewis 51 M 5K
Mason Lewis 12 M 5K
Erika Maynard 31 M 5K
Jack Mease 66 M 5K
Phyllis Mease 64 F 5K
Jim Moore 53 M 5K
Karen Moore 56 F 5K
Jane Pancake 75 F 5K
Jane Ann Pancake 48 F 5K

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