Run For Your Life Entry List

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First Name Last Name Age Gender Event Team
Heather Adkins 43 F Duathlon
Aaron Anderson 44 M 10K Run
Tristan Belford 1 M 5k Run
Reece Brown 32 M 10K Run
Briana Brown 27 F 10K Run
megan calvin 17 F 5k Run
Amanda calvin 41 F 10K Run
Adam Cooper 24 M 5k Run
Bradley Craft 27 M 10K Run
Charles DeCamp 57 M 5k Run
Amy Decamp-Rase 43 F 5k Run
Amanda Dicus 36 F 5k Run
Jeremy Dicus 36 M 5k Run
Matthew Dicus 8 M 5k Run
McKenna Dunham 15 F 5k Run
Jalen Dunham 11 M 5k Run
Greg Ervin 71 M 5k Run
Steve Fitzer 68 M 5k Run
Lisa Franzen 32 F 10K Run
JOhn Gillespie 63 M 10K Bike
Geoff Grimes 34 M 5k Run
Christine Hale 58 F 5k Run
Stephanie Hale 31 F 5k Run
Amy Harris 54 F 10K Bike
Neal Hatcher 75 M 5k Run
Gwen Hatcher 15 F 5k Run
Jennifer Hatcher 51 F 5k Run
Asa Hickman 7 M 5k Run
Michael Hickman 33 M 5k Run
Brianna Hickman 27 F 5k Run
Delylah Hickman 9 F 5k Run
Tate Hollback 14 M 5k Run
Palin Homan 9 F 5k Run
Greg Homan 44 M 10K Run
George Ison 76 M 5k Run
Linda Jenkins 72 F 5k Run
Lusa Johnson 52 F Duathlon
Tara Knisley 49 F 10K Run
Chuck Law 55 M 5k Run
charles layton 66 M 10K Bike
Sarah Lemaster 18 F 5k Run
Derek Marion 34 M 5k Run
Lauri Martinich 60 F 5k Run
james matney 63 M 10K Run
Dwane Mullins 63 M 10K Run
Mary Peach 63 F 5k Run
Tom Peach 67 M 5k Run
Nancy Prose 38 F 10K Bike
Aaron Prose 39 M 5k Run
Ben Richard 37 M 10K Bike

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