28th Annual SUMMER MOTION 10K/5K Entry List

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First Name Last Name Age Gender Event Team
Jacki Adkins-Crawford 49 F 10K
Victor Aguilera 19 M 10K
John Archambault 24 M 10K
Jeff Archambault 58 M 5K
Marie Archambault 55 F 5K
Andrea Arnett 37 F 10K
Alvin Bailey 57 M 5K
Dylan Ball 25 M 5K
James Barker 78 M 5K
Sarah Baumgardner 36 F 10K
Justin Baumgardner 40 M 5K
Jenny Bayes 35 F 10K
Joshua Blevins 29 M 10K Boyd County Public Library
Logan Boggs 18 M 10K
Chad Braden 38 M 10K
Alvin Bramblette 50 M 5K
Kim Brown 61 F 10K
Tiffanie Buckner 38 F 10K
Mark Buckner 39 M 10K
Melissa Callicoat 46 F 10K
Dale Callicoat 45 M 10K
Michael Cancel 33 M 10K
Christi Captain 37 F 10K
Mark Carey 52 M 10K
Kim Carey 44 F 10K
Nick Carr 37 M 10K
Ashley Castle 33 F 10K
Beth Cecil 24 F 10K
Megan Champlin 34 F 10K
Becca Chaney 38 F 5K
Kristina Christian 35 F 10K
Franklin Clark 36 M 10K
Amy Colegrove 40 F 10K Boyd County Public Library
Elena Collins 50 F 10K
Chris Conn 44 M 10K
Tracey Crawford 47 F 5K
Taylor Crawford 13 F 10K
Jim Cremeans 61 M 5K
Julie Crum 40 F 10K
Duane Davis 52 M 10K
Jim Davis 56 M 5K
Becky Day 29 F 10K
Kyle Dickess 26 M 10K
Amanda Elswick 29 F 5K Boyd County Public Library
Greg Ervin 71 M 5K
Melissa Evans 38 F 10K
Sara Fenney 21 F 10K
Keith Fish 65 M 5K Boyd County Public Library
Jennifer Fisher 49 F 5K

Our goal is to help our community
by promoting fitness and
raising millions for charity.

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