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First Name Last Name Age Gender Event Team
Tessa Adkins 35 F
Mary Baisden 41 F
James Baisden 41 M
Jenny Bayes 37 F
Tammy Black 50 F
Inga Brewster 76 F
Ric Browning 61 M
Dale Callicoat 47 M
Betsy Cole 36 F
Jim Cremeans 61 M
Julie Crum 42 F
Scott Crum 49 M
Beverly Daugherty 58 F
Trenton Daugherty 25 M
Casey Day 33 F
Angela Dudek 43 F
Ray Evans 53 M
Deena Fletcher 49 F
Marty Foley 64 F
Todd Fraley 45 M
Lanny Fraley 70 M
April Hall 48 M
Kathy Howard 53 F
Gwen Humphrey 59 F
Neil Johnson 46 M
Cynthia Jones 48 F
Kyle Keller 30 M
Amanda Kelley 40 F
Daryl Kinch 72 M
Theresa Kline 64 F
Amy Kline 41 F
Vicki Knipp 30 F
Andy Knipp 31 M
Beth Lutz 53 F
Debbie McClary 44 F
Lenny McClary 46 M
Brent McCoy 39 M
Robyn Mcginnis 39 F
Stevie McSorley 16 F
Thomas Mingledorff 57 M
Amy Mingledorff 62 F
Michele Monn 32 F
Parker Monn 29 M
Butch Neal 71 M
Mari Oaks 50 F
Summer ONeal 36 F
Wilma Potter 68 F
Lara Ramey 45 F
Melanie Riley 58 F
Rainelle Ross 50 F

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